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Lake Cushman Firewise Council

Website Updated
:   Aug 26, 2020
Note:Firewise has decided to cancel the Aug 2020 Ice Cream Social and the Fall Chipper Days.  We are looking forward to 2021 and hoping everyone will join us then.

We have a just a few Address Markers left - Please submit your order above!
New Evacuation Guides are on the Document page.

See our Notices Page for more info on our latest Firewise event - "Dog Park Greenbelt" project.


Note:  If you know of someone or are that someone that have a Ham Radio (or would
like to get one) we are reaching out as we need to have a list of these services during an Emergency at Lake Cushman.  Just follow the tab on the top of this page for our Contact information if you might be able to supply that information.

Note:  We urge you to donate to our LED Sign funds.  Firewise has a maintenance fund for the sign. 

Two Opportunities to Donate to Lake Cushman Firewise Council!! 

Lake Cushman Firewise is also now signed up with Fred Meyer's Rewards program.  If you would like to assist Firewise here on our projects just go to the Notices page for instructions on enrolling.  It's really easy!  Thank You!