Lake Cushman Firewise Council

- A Wa Non Profit Corporation -

Aug 26,  2008 Demonstration Project

This project did two things for us.  First we removed 5 pickups of hazordous material from our area.  Second we opened up the view for folks leaving Div 6, 7 and 8 onto Hwy 119.   Again many thanks to our Firewise Volunteers, Bob Berger, George & Illeen Fisher, Jerry Eaton, Jim Mitchell, Bill Sostrich, Art Emmons and Ken Weaver for their time and effort!

Before - This is looking out of Div 6 entrance onto Hwy 119 After - This is after we had removed the ladder fuel.  Also notice the change in veiw making a safe exit more duable!
Before - This is looking into Div 6 entrance from Hwy 119 After - Notice that you can actually see the bus stop!  Also the vehicle stopped there has a better view when exiting.

These projects are done to let homeowners see what a difference a little cutting can do.  We have so many tons of "biomass" (green and or once growing stuff).  We have to reduce our fuel load to better protect our community.  This will aid our Fire Department when the fire does come!