Lake Cushman Firewise Council

- A Wa Non Profit Corporation -

July 2010 Ice Cream Social
Sponsored by Lake Cushman Firewise & The Fire Auxiallary

(double click on pictures for a larger view- high speed connection, only!)

Notice the New Banner!

In line for for Ice Cream

Jerry Explaining the Firewise Material Meeting new neighbors!

Ice Cream is served

View from other direction

Volunteers from Firewise & Fire Auxillary served. More of the limbed up trees at project completion!.

DNR Crew and Brush Rig

Fire District 18 - Aid Car and Crew

Many thanks to our great partners at DNR for attending our Ice Cream Social.  I think they had a good time and the truck was assume! What can I say!  These folks are such an asset to our area.  From left to right Mike Sexton, Kerry Baker, Chief Mike Mott, Tony Fain, Mike Fain, Loretta Baker.  THANK YOU ALL!