Lake Cushman Firewise Council

- A Wa Non Profit Corporation -

May 17, 2014 Lake Cushman Chipper Day  

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Chipping Crew

Chipping for Dick Blewett Div 13

We had such a nice day this time! And SO many helpers!  Larry Krueger center and George Fisher right of him.  Joe Cochran. Alice Downs was supposed to be collecting Firewise timesheets but we couldn't keep her out of the limbs!  

George & Jason waiting for the chipper to clear.

Chipping crew getting going on a new pile.

Jason Kilpatrick ran the chipper again this time.  He is a great help!  Most piles were big today!  Shows our community members are really on top of tending their trees!



Of course having a nicely stacked pille of limbs makes the job go quicker for our volunteers.