Lake Cushman Firewise Council

- A Wa Non Profit Corporation -

May 2013 Lake Cushman Chipper Day

(double click on pictures for a larger view- high speed connection, only!)

Chipping Crew starting the day Div 2

More chipping Div 3

Chipping crew (left to right)- Jason Kirkpatrick, Jane Potter, Larry Krueger Jason running chipper, Joe Cockran feeding.

Taking a break after Div 11 pile.  Thanks Eileen Fisher for refresments!

Lorna & George taking a break

Chipping crew, Jason, Jane, Joe, Larry and neighboor Eileen giving out lemonade, SOO GOOD! George is one of our Firewise volunteers.  He always has a nice pile of limbs for us!

More chipping Div 12

Div 19 pile of chips

Our chipping crew worked so hard this year.    Jason operating, Deanie feeding, Jane, Bert & Alice Downs waiting for chipper. Property in Div 19 had a large pile.  This was the finishing pile.  Neighbor, Dick Mineo was waiting with backhoe to take away the chips for mulching.