Lake Cushman Firewise Council

- A Wa Non Profit Corporation -

May 3, 2014 Lake Cushman Chipper Day
& Firewise Wildfire Prepardeness Day

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Chipping Crew starting the day Div 2

More chipping Div 13

Crew members (L to R) Jane Potter - DNR, Carl Parker, Joe Cochran and our chipper operator, Jason Kirkpatrick At the Chipper - Lloyd Mott and on the right Dick Blewett.

Everyone working together to get the job done!

Nothing like having a "chipping target"!

Jason chipping, Joe & Jane gathering the tree parts. Jason did a good job of lining up the target.  Lloyd was there to insure the target was hit!

All attention on the chipper!

Chips to go!

Another year of hard, wet work! Jason operating, Lloyd helping keep the machine working.  Bob (yellow), Bert, Larry (back to camera) all feeding limbs to chipper.  Meanwhile in the back, Alice insuring our lot owner understood the purpose of Firewise. And there is the result of our work, a nice pile of mulch!