Lake Cushman Firewise Council

- A Wa Non Profit Corporation -

Nov 7, 2020 Lake Cushman Firewise Div 16 Greenbelt Project  

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This is the greenbelt at the corner of old Potlatch/Cushman Rd and Rainbow Way W.  As you can see trees and brush were touching each other.  This creates a "ladder" for a fire to reach the crown of the trees.  This would be a disaster for the community and a goal of Firewise - removing ladder fuel. After we were done in this area, ladder fuel sits along the road waiting to be removed from the area.  Small dead trees were removed as well.
Looking to left from the center of the project, this is the area before our project.  We limbed up and removed (on the left) the fuel from the area.  Something you too can do on your lot. 

This is the area before our project.  Again you can see the amount of ladder fuel in this area.  Much overdue for cleanup! We are doing these projects to help our neighborhoods survive a wildfire.  We also do these to encourage you to get out and do the same on your property.  That 5-20 ft right around your house is MOST important to have opened up.  The area closer than 5 ft should have no (or very thin) fuel.  Keep this area fuel free!