2019 Firewise Volunteer Time Sheet

Remember when we apply for a Firewise grant your effort equates to $24.14/hr (2017 amount)towards in-kind funds. We turn our donated time into dollars! These dollars will go to our much needed fuel reduction efforts.

Lake Cushman Address
Division Lot Number *
Date Worked (mo/yr, ie 01/19)    

If you paid a Contractor for fuel removal please provide the amount you paid as that too can be used for in-kind funds!
(If you had trees cut/limbed by a contractor, enter the expenses incurred.  If you worked on the project as well, enter your time above) 

Amount Paid Contractor Contractor Name

Input the hours worked in each of the areas around your property. You start at the House and work your way out.  Please indicate hours in each area and use as many as is needed. Note: Multiple entries are encouraged!

                                     Hours Worked

House Risk reduction work from the roof down to the foundation. Activities include: fire-resistant roofing, cleaning litter from roofs and gutters, screening vents, chimney spark arrestors. Enclose eaves and soffits, decks/porches free of flammable materials, under deck area free of flammable materials and vegetation, etc.
Immediate Zone 0 to 5ft from the foundation or attachments (decks/porches). Activities include: replacing combustible mulches with stone/gravel, tree and shrub removal, rake and remove pine needles, leaves, litter and debris, trim back tree limbs that overhang this area, move fire wood into extended zone, etc.
Intermediate Zone 5-30 ft. from the foundation or attachments (decks/porches). Activities include: lawn and native grass maintenance, clustered trees and shrubs with space between clusters, tree thinning/limbing to reduce crown fire potential, etc.
Extended Zone 30-100 ft. from the foundation or attachments (decks/porches). Activities include: needles, leaves, litter and debris removal, tree thinning to reduce crown fire potential, etc.
Common Area(s) (HOA or other Homeowner jointly owned property within the site boundary) Activities include: Tree thinning, mastication and brush removal, grass maintenance, fire break construction, etc.
Administration Meetings, presentations, program administration, home site visits etc.

Question: Why should we do this? Answer: If you take the few minutes to fill out the forms you will be saving yourself the outlay of monies in the future. Grants can allow for the much-needed cleanup of our greenbelt areas. You can include cleaning gutters, picking up branches from the winter storms. Any and all removal of something that would burn during a fire.

Question: What is the time frame for this information to be documented? Answer: We will be doing this on an ongoing basis. Last years data is still good. You can turn in as many time sheets as are necessary to document your work. Each year we will total the numbers and that total time can be used for any grant submitted in mat year.

Question: What is a Firewise Assessment?  There are relatively simple things that you can do to protect your property during a wildfire.  If you ask for a FREE Firewise Assessment we will come out and go through a check sheet and provide you some valuable information that could make the difference during a wildfire.  Just check the box at the bottom of the form and submit it and we will contact you to setup a time.

Lake Cushman Firewise Council - Membership  We use the funds to keep the Firewise message spreading through the community .  We really appreciate your support!   We can't continue without it!  The membership period is Jan - Dec of each year. If you could help us by joining or renewing your membership now we would welcome your support.

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