Lake Cushman Firewise Council

- A 501c(3) Non-Profit Corporation -

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Lake Cushman CommunityWildfire Protection Plan
This document was filed in 2006 to create our Lake Cushman Firewise Community.  Very important information for the community to read regarding what Firewise at Lake Cushman is all about.

In order to maintain our Firewise Community status we are required to submit annual reports that document the hours worked by the Lake Cushman Community.  We do this by using our Timesheets.

There are two versions of our Timesheet for you to choose from: 

Online Timesheet (preferred method)
Online Volunteer Timesheet
(submit here)

Or a PDF to print and turn in:
Volunteer Timesheet (pdf)
DEM Emergency Preparedness Guide(pdf)
Great info on all types of emergencies and whay you need to do to prepare.
 DEM Emergency Information Sheet (pdf) Updated 3/5/2017
Fill out online with DEM - In an emergency calls will be made to alert homeowners that have completed this form.
Wildfire Emergency Checklist  We live in the Wildland Urban Interface area.  This link will give you some hints as to what you need to prepair for a Wildfire Emergency. Guide to Landscape Construction Building a New Home please check this out before construction begins: 
  Fire Resistant Plant Guide
Doing some landscape work or interested in plants that are fire resistant?  Then this is your guide!  
IBHS Wildfire Retrofit Guide
Doing some changes to your home to make it safer during a wildfire - here is some GREAT info!
Wildfire-Preventing Home Ignitions (20min video) - Watch Jack Cohen, research scientist with the USDA Forest Service Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory describe how Wildfire spreads and the simple things you can do to protect your home.
Emergency Evacuation Guides
Div 1
Div 2, 3 & 4
Div 5, 6, 7, 18.2
Div 18.1 & 19
Div 8, 17 & 18.3
Div 9, 10, 12 & 16
Div 11, 13, 14 & 15
Lake Cushman Lot Owner Guide - Lake Cushman Firewise Council brochure includes; Firewise techniques for landscaping, construction and the areas around your home.