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Lake Cushman Firewise Council
Zoom Annual Firewise Meeting
Minutes Feb 2, 2021

Bill Sostrich opened the meeting via GoToWebinar at 1000. Attendees are noted at the bottom of this document and the meeting recording is available from LCMC and has been distributed to the participants as of February 3, 2021.

Bill recapped the 2020 Firewise projects.

Bill reviewed legislation currently in committee in the Washington Legislature that shows promise for fuel load remediation and specifically mentions Firewise groups statewide.

Officers for 2021 were elected by acclamation:

  • Dave Peterson, President

  • Bill Sostrich, Vice President

  • Jim Crawford, Treasurer

  • Dick Krase, Secretary

Dave and Bill initiated discussions about:

  • Potential chipper purchase mechanisms

  • Small tool acquisition, especially for brush, e.g. pole saws, brush cutters, etc.

  • LCMC’s ‘Big Green Machine’

  • Brush hog on a tractor via PTO and the possibility of rent or lease before purchase.

Discussion of small demonstration projects on LCMC greenbelts in cooperation with LCMC

  • LCMC disposal of what debris Firewise generates

Discussion of small projects on private lots

  • Focus on lots in need of treatment owned by elderly individuals

  • Solicitation of suggestions by Firewise

  • Promotion via Lake Cushman Dispatch

Discussion on calendaring projects and events

Dick Krase reported on State and Federal filings. IRS 2020 filing will be done this week.

Membership dues of $5 per person are now due. They can be dropped off at LCMC with attention to Firewise and Jim Crawford.

Discussion of the aging LED sign at the Lake Cushman Grocery

Discussion of possible production of hats and sweatshirts

Meeting was adjourned at 1133.

Attendees: Dave Peterson, Bill Sostrich, Deanie Sostrich, Larry Hutchings, Judy Lavigne, George Lavigne, Chuck Lucas, Marta Lucas, Betty Widing, Anita Floyd, Aaron Nix, Alex Huppenthal, Fran Kostelecky, Larry Tilton, Sandra Thompson, Jim Crawford, Rustie Milam, Jackie Kiter, Katherine Edwards, Nathan Toellner and Dick Krase