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Minutes of Firewise Council Meeting
November 3, 2009

Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM with 10 members attending. 

In attendance were: Bob Berger, Deanie Sostrich, Bill Sostrich, Jerry Eaton, George Fisher, Art Emmons and Bill Weed

Ken Weaver – Fire District 18/Commissioner - advisor
Jim Mitchell – Fire District 18/Commissioner - advisor
Charley Burns – DNR - advisor

George Fisher asked members to read his article for upcoming publication of the LCMC Newsletter and make changes as needed.  He commented that his article includes a statement that Firewise would mail further information to any community member requesting.  Bill Sostrich stated his page for the address markers had been submitted to LCMC.

Bill Weed gave treasurers report with a corrected balance of $3,965.79.  Incurred expenses were approved.

Continued discussion of ways to use group donated funds of $1,500. It was decided that  address markers would be given to people in need who could not afford to buy them.  Documentation would be provided in each case.   We will continue to insure that the monies collected from the Fire Auxillary and the Booster Club are spent as they were intended.  

Charlie Burns reported that a Dept. Emergency Management “fire drill” would be held in Shelton on Wed. Nov. 4th for agencies involved with Harstine Island. Scenario based on a wind driven structure fire spreading to wooded surrounding areas.  Charlie also stressed importance of community wide house-by-house assessment for Lake Cushman. Bill S. reported he had contacted Mason Co about tying into their GIS information and was told no. More research is needed on that project.

Ken Weaver reported the Fire Dept. budget for 2010 was completed.  No line item for Firewise included, but under Fire Prevention there could be up to $2,000 for Firewise work in structure assessment and brush cutting.

Bill S. stated it was important for a meeting to be held before December between the fire dept., firewise and LCMC Dan McGrady to plan for use of funds when Grant is awarded.  We could receive up to $280,000.  At this point we have approximately $200,000 in matching community work.

Bill W. and Charlie brought the draft Lake Cushman Wildfire Structure Protection and Evacuation Plan for Divisions 2, 3, & 4.  We need to move on to Div. 1 .  Estimated assessment would take about 3 hours. Since model is complete then information could be plugged in relatively easy.  Discussion followed of probable procedures for various disasters and main issues.

George and Bill S. will look at making some By-Law changes for 2010.

Meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.

Lake Cushman Firewise
Minutes of October 6, 2009 Meeting

Meeting began at 2:00 PM 

In attendance were: Bob McCormick, Bob Berger, Deanie Sostrich, Bill Sostrich, Jerry Eaton, George Fisher
and Bill Weed

Ken Weaver – Fire District 18/Commissioner - advisor
Jim Mitchell – Fire District 18/Commissioner - advisor
Charley Burns – DNR - advisor

President Bill Sostrich began with discussion of  a proposed mailing to residents in Div 2,3,4 which was supposed to have taken place by end of September per the minutes of the Septemeber meeting.  Bill proposed with question is this is really best use of $1500 donated by Fire Auxiliary and Booster Club.  Since we are able to reach all residents with the LCMC Newsletter it was suggested we buy an extra page if possible for inclusion in November letter at a cost of about $300.00.  That idea will continue to be followed by George Fisher.  If space is available we will do our normal page and a second paid page to advertise the address marker.  All felt it that this will respect the intentions of the donations and also get the best bang for the buck.  Bill, George and Jerry Eaton will work on the copy.

Ken Weaver suggested members hand out time sheets to everyone doing fall clean up and burning brush piles as we observe these activities.

George reported after investigating more sources for numbers for address markers, that we apparently are paying less than available elsewhere and recommended we continue with the same supplier.

Decision to do brush cleanup in Div. 14 as per request of Dan McGrady.  Project for March or April 2010.

Charlie Burns led discussion of a neighborhood assessments in order to improve homeowner awareness of  personal safety and preservation of property.  First step for lot owners is to clear 30 ft around home.

Before we were to receive a Firewise Grant, Firewise needs to coordinate with LCMC maintenance, DNR and the Fire Dept. to identify roads that need to be trimmed up to provide better fire breaks.  Then we will be able to contract to have that work done.  Prior to the funding of a Grant, Firewise needs to have a work plan for high traffic, high visibility areas to be worked on (roads, common areas, etc.).

Treasurer's  Report:  Per our check book there is a  balance of $2,655.09.  Per bank a balance of $3,918.31 as of 10/2/09.  Bill Weed will reconcile with the September statement and begin on line banking.  Apparently there are errors from prior treasurer's report.

Bill Weed strongly recommended that group look at and take the “tests” designed to increase education in many areas of fire protection (i.e. Structural Protection and Evacuation Plan).  He requested member help in taking the draft assessment plan that he and Charlie completed to final plan.

Charlie suggested Firewise conduct a “Table Top” fire drill in the spring of 2010 bringing together Fire Dist 18, DNR, PUD 3, LCMC and this Council .  This would greatly facilitate disaster preparedness.

Meeting adjourned at 3:45 PM.

Lake Cushman Firewise
Minutes of September 1, 2009 Meeting

Meeting called to order at 2:00 P.M. At the Lake Cushman Maintenance Co. Meeting Room.

In attendance were Bob McCormick, Bob Berger, Lorna Burgwin, Mike Burgwin, Jerry Eaton, Art Emmons and George Fisher.

Jim Mitchell-Fire District 18/Commissioner-advisor

Treasurer Report: Bill Weed was not present, no report.

Bill W. requested that the bank statements be mailed to his home, the Firewise Committee agreed.

Door Hangers was discussed that informational materials could be stapled to the door hangers with the committee person’s phone number so they could be contacted to add  additional information.

George Fisher will have Firewise informational material so community members can pick up material at Wednesday night Booster Club dinner and meeting and have a reflective address marker on display.

Discussion on setting a price on address markers, after the discussion Mike Burgwin made a motion to set the price at $30.00 and was seconded by Bob McCormick, the committee voted unanimously to accept.

Mike Burgwin asked and received donations from the Booster Club $1,000.00 and $500.00 from the fireman’s women Auxiliary, these donations will be earmarked for mail outs informing members of the community the sale and price of the reflective address markers. Mike Burgwin made a motion that the letters be mailed out by the end of September 2009, seconded by Jerry Eaton. The mail outs will be a tri-fold with a picture of the reflective marker in the dark and one shown with the headlights hitting the marker.

The letter also will include an application form and price. The Committee passed the motion unanimously.[Avoid delay to Save a Life]

Jerry Eaton mentioned there is a possibility of another work project coming up, in Div. 14 near the boat ramp where the new fence was installed, trees have been trimmed up, there is lots of small under brush that should be removed.

George Fisher had talked to Charlie Burns and Charlie had mentioned and was thinking it may be a way to go is for Firewise communities to merge together to make them stronger because of the economy, for instance Lake Cushman and Colony Surf.

Lorna Burgwin had discussed with the ladies 9 Hole Golf Club if they would donate $100.00 to Firewise and explained the reason being that this money would be used for those less fortunate for paying for address markers. A special fund could be set-aside for this.

Bob McCormick volunteered with help to move Firewise material that was stored in a closet at the Lake Cushman Maintenance Office to a storage shed on his property.

Thanks Bob.

Any questions or additions to these minutes contact Art Emmons @ 877-5452

Meeting adjourned at 3:18p.m.


Lake Cushman Firewise
Minutes of  August 4, 2009 Meeting

Meeting called to order at 2:00 P.M. At the Lake Cushman Maintenance Co. Meeting Room.

In attendance were: Bob McCormick, Bob Berger, Deanie Sostrich, Lorna Burgwin, Mike Burgwin, Jerry Eaton, Bill Sostrich, George Fisher

Ken Weaver – Fire District 18/Commissioner - advisor
Jim Mitchell - Fire District 18/Commissioner - advisor

Bill Weed has resumed his position as Treasurer.  As Bill W. was not present, Bill Sostrich read Bill Weeds treasurer report:

Ending balance from previous month  = $3270.11. 

New balance after deposits totals $4440.11 on July 31st. 

Checks to be deposited will bring balance to $4500.11. 

As for the Address Marker program the expenses were $2500. 

$3450 was collected, so we realized a $950.00 gain on the first 100 markers.

Discussion followed about the continuation of address marker program. Ken Weaver reported he had at least a dozen inquiries from people and felt the process of building participation is just beginning.  New pricing will be 100 sticks @ $17.76 each and $24.85 for a package of 25 numbers.  It was stated that in order continue program we need participation from all to help with installation.  Members voted unanimously to continue program and order 100 more sticks with the numbers needed at this time.  It was decided to divide districts with members volunteering to cover installation in their areas as follows:

            Jerry Eaton               Div. 9, 10, 12, 16
             Bill Weed               Div 2, 3, 4
             Ken Weaver and Jim Mitchell            Div 17, 18, 18.3
             Bill  & Deanie Sostrich                        Div 5, 6, 7
             George Fisher               Div 11, 13, 14, 15
             Mike & Laura Bergwin               Dist. 1, 19, 18.1, 18.2

After some discussion it all agreed the new price for markers:            $35.00 and $15.00 for upgrade kit

New business:   L.C.M.C. Picnic on 8/29.  Fire District will tentatively bring a truck or Aid car to picnic.  Firewise will set up a table with display and materials to give away to adults and children.  George will order children's things and arrange for helium and balloons.  He was authorized to spend up to $200.  Ken will provide table.  Deanie and Laura will attend the booth at picnic.  We will make a large sign thanking our sponsers (Fire Auxillary and Booster Club). Bill S. will send thank you letters to both groups.

Laura Bergwin volunteered to talk with Lake Cushman Realty to see if they would sponser Firewise with some sort of donation. 

Bill S. will be writing a letter to Booster Club to thank them for their donation.  (note: on Aug.5th Booseter responded with generous donation of $1.000).  Bill S. will also write letters to L.C. M.C. And Dist. 18 Firefighters Association to request Firewise be included in their budgeting for next year.  Last month George Fisher and Mike Burgwin met with the Fire Commissions last month and it was indicated that they would need a letter stating the request amount and the purpose (“fire prevention”). 

More old business:  Mailing of education materials to Dist 2,3,4 is still planned.  The Fire Auxillary donated $500.00 to Firewise for that purpose.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.


Firewise Meeting Minutes
July 7, 2009

Meeting called to order at 2 PM at the LCMC meeting room. 

In attendance were: Bob McCormick, Bob Berger, Deanie Sostrich, Lorna Burgwin, Mike Burgwin, Art Emmons, Jerry Eaton, Bill Sostrich, George Fisher, Bill Weed

Ken Weaver – Fire District 18/Commissioner - advisor

Treasurer report:
Beginning Balance - $2,222.79
Income – Sales of markers - $1000
Donations - $170

 Expenses – chipper rental/fuel reimbursement/numbers/reflective material for address markers - $122.68

Ending balance = $3,270.11

Address Markers – Total of 86 address markers sold thus far, 11 yet to be installed of those sold.  We have spent roughly $2,450 on the marker program and it has an income of $2,860.

Many of the address markers were sold through the LCMC newsletter.  A question was asked whether we would continue the program after the 100 were sold.  Bill Sostrich said he would check on the cost of more address markers and we can discuss further at the next meeting.

Ken Weaver reported that Mason County is “re-addressing” many streets in Mason County.  The address markers will be essential in finding these addresses.  There are many confusing situations when the Fire Department is called out to an address.  This usually occurs when a cross street is given that isn’t really the closest address to the property with the problem.

Last month we asked our Firewise Counsel members to go out and talk to members of the community.  Many homes were reached, but again very few residents were home.  We did leave the brochures.

Ken Weaver suggested we give some of the brochures to the Fire Department and when they are out doing drills or other activities in the area they could hang some of the brochures on doors.

Bill Weed added to that and said that he would suggest we put a large sign down on 119 that this is a “Firewise Community”.  It was suggested the sign be put on the sign in front of the store.  There was more discussion and it was decided to have George talk to the Forest Service and see if it would be ok to have the Firewise sign at the Fire Department moved to in front of the Lake Cushman Realty (on the Fire danger sign that is already there).

There was also somewhat of a discussion on having some of the brochures available to Community Watch and if it would be possible to have them pass out some of the flyers as a way of looking at properties at the same time.  Also we might give some of the brochures to the Park Host.  George will be looking at this as well.

We had a discussion about what we can do this year for a Firewise day.  As in years past having the “stump dump” days did this.  This is not going to happen this year.  So possibly do something with the Fire Department during the Aug 29th LCMC picnic.  In order to do this we need to check with the person running the picnic, Pat Jarvis and get an ok from her.  Jerry will call Pat and then let George know.  Also Ken said we could ask the Fire Department about putting an ambulance there to do blood pressure checks.  We will have representatives (Mike Burgwin & George Fisher) go to the next Fire Commissioners meeting and present the idea.

Bill Weed has completed a draft of the Community Evacuation plan for Div 2, 3 & 4.  He has given this to Charley Burns for his input and we should receive a copy of this soon.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:25pm


Firewise Meeting June 2, 2009

Meeting called to order at 2 PM at Fire District 18 Station.   

In attendance were: Bob McCormick, Bob Berger, Bill Sostrich, George Fisher, Jerry Eaton

Art Emmons – LCMC Board member

Ken Weaver – Fire District 18/Commissioner - advisor

Treasurer report:
Beginning Balance - $1,947.79
Income – Sales of markers - $210
            Upgrades of old markers  - $40
Donations - $25

Ending balance = $2,222.79

Old Business:
A motion was made and all agreed to reimburse Bill Sostrich for mileage expenses in delivering and installing Address Markers.  The amount to be .54/mile and miles totally 30 miles.  The Treasurer will issue a check in the amount of $16.20 to Bill Sostrich

A motion was made to pay the owner of the chipper used in this last weeks project at the LCMC office.  He has indicated that the price to the Firewise group would be $10/hr.  All agreed that we would pay him for 2.5 hrs plus fuel.  So the Treasurer will make a check to Lloyd Mott for $30.  Lloyd chipper is for rent and he can be reached at 877-9715

We discussed the actual use of the chipper and what we learned from the project.  Since Firewise is about education, some of the things we would pass on to someone interested in buying a chipper would be the following:  1.  This size is good when you limb up trees, as Firewise does.  2.  Self feeding would speed up the job.  3.  A larger hoper would make feeding the limbs easier and quicker.   4.  A system that does not clog on the exhaust of the debris would also be nice.

Department of Emergency Mgt. Phone Mate issues were discussed.  Sandi K from DEM has been following up on some problems reported to her after the first test call.  She has made some changes to the system and seems to have improved things.

Address markers – We have installed 42 new markers and upgraded 3 old ones.  There are two still left to do and we are going to be pushing hard to sell the remainder.  A motion was made to fix a price on the upgrade kits.  We all agreed to charge $10 for the one sided upgrade kit and $15 for two sides.

Last month the possible cell tower on Dow Mountain was brought up.  Ken said that Mark was not at their meeting, so no new info on that was available.

New Business:
The project for June will be for the members of the Lake Cushman Firewise Council to go out into the respective neighborhoods and talk to their neighbors about Firewise.  Bill Sostrich has some of the info and will make it available to all members this next week.

George Fisher had a DVD from the Firewise Meeting that he went to in Lake Chelan.  The DVD showed the fire in Spokane Valley in 2008.  We feel that this is the kind of education that we should include in our discussions with people in our neighborhood.  Bill will make some copies of the DVD to hand out.  Our discussions should be limited to what the person can do about their own particular lot.  This last 30 ft could be the difference if their home survives the fire when it comes.

Bill Weed has been making good progress on his Evacuation Plan.  He has been working with Charley on this and has completed a new assessment of the Div 2, 3 and 4 areas.  Now it is matter of taking the pieces and moving it into a rough draft. 

Meeting adjourned 3:30 PM


Firewise Meeting
May 5, 2009

Meeting called to order at 1 PM at Fire District 18 Station. 

In attendance were: Bob McCormick, Bob Berger, Deanie Sostrich, Lorna Burgwin, Mike Burgwin
and Kerry & Ed Fraser from Colony Surf

Art Emmons – LCMC Board member

Ken Weaver – Fire District 18/Commissioner - advisor
Jim Mitchell – Fire District 18/Commissioner - advisor

Charley Burns – DNR - advisor 

Treasurer report:
Beginning Balance - $1,794.03

Income – Sales of markers - $210
Donations - $30

Expenses – numbers/reflective material for address markers - $86.24

Ending balance = $1,947.79

Old Business:

Department of Emergency Mgt. Phone Mate issues were discussed.  Test message received by some, but not others.  Will talk with Sandy at DEM whether Caller ID or Cable service might be a factor.

The dead cedar trees at north end of Lake were again discussed.  It was suggested  letters be sent to homeowners advising them of the fire and safety hazard posed by standing dead trees and ask they be removed.  It was also suggested a letter in the upcoming LCMC Newsletter from Fire Chief Mott might be an effective way of letting all homeowners know about the danger down and dead vegetation presents and how critical the fire danger will be in the upcoming summer dry weather.

Mike Burgwin presented the draft of an Emergency Notification plan.  This is a tiered system of volunteers and fire dept.  to alert all homeowners of emergency.

Bill Sostrich indicated that he had received the ok from the LCMC Board for a May Firewise project of chipping around Maintenance Company building using Lloyd Mott's chipper.  A work party will be held May 30 at 10:00 a.m. with firewise team taking down limbs and branches and Lloyd chipping and blowing chips back onto ground.  Will probably take about two hours and should be an excellent demonstration of what could be done on a monthly basis in various divisions.

New Business:

It was unanimously decided to move monthly meeting time to 2 PM to accommodate the Treasurer's work hours so she might be able to attend.

Charlie Burns reported that Wildfire awareness week begins 5/11.  There have already been two fires during the only two warm dry days we've had.  Illegal burning of trash caused the fires.  Harstine Island and Colony Surf will be having community meetings and Lake Cushman is invited.  He reported on disaster plan being worked on by Charlie and Bill Weed.  Plan is a “boiler plate” model that can be adapted by any community.

Tacoma Power will have a community meeting at LCMC on 5/19 and a tour on 5/20 of the areas affected by the agreements signed with Skokomish Tribe. A relationship between Firewise and the Tribe should be established as soon as the Courts finalize the agreements.  The state park will continue to be operated privately this year. 

It was mentioned that a communications company is considering a cell/repeater tower for the far side of Dow Mtn.  Surveys are being distributed.  DNR would lease the land to the company for the tower site.  Apparently some Govt Stimulus money might be available for this project.  Mark Savage will do a presentation to Fire Commissioners this month.

Meeting adjourned 2:30 PM


Firewise Meeting
April 7, 2009  Minutes

 Meeting opened at 1 PM. 

In attendance were: Jerry Eaton, Bill Weed, Bob Berger, Ed Fraser, Deanie Sostrich, George Fisher, Bob McCormick, Mike Burgwin, Lorna Burgwin

Betty Widing – LCMC Board Member
Art Emmons – LCMC Board member

 Ken Weaver – Fire District 18/Commissioner - advisor

Bill Sostrich gave Treasurer' report:  Ending balance of $1794.03. Report was followed by discussion of how incoming dollars to Firewise could be treated by IRS.  If all are called “donation” and a receipt given can all or just part be deducted from taxes.  George Fisher will call IRS.

Old Business:
A total of 17 address markers were installed by Bill S., Jerry Eaton and Jerry's grandson, CJ on 4/1/09.  At this point there are 17 more order to be filled.  Bill S., Ken Weaver and Bob Berger will work on these on 4/8. 

There was a discussion of the Dept. of Emergency Management resident notification program during a disaster.  A test of system will occur soon to verify that registered homeowners could receive a message on their answering machine vs. the system requiring a “live” voice.  It was suggested more information about this program be put in upcoming LCMC newsletter.

More discussion followed about the address marker program and ways to reach all lot owners.  Information and order form will go out in May LCMC newsletter.  Also, it was reported the placement of markers on lots is critical so Fire Dept. can locate correct address.

New Business:
Summer Work Project:
If we are able to rent a chipper at a reasonable cost (perhaps from Lloyd Mott) then once a month chipping could be done for homeowners.  It would be required that people sign up ahead and be willing to have chips blown onto their property (or have another way to dispose of them).  Homeowners would be asked for a donation to offset cost of equipment.  It was suggested that a demonstration project could occur in May (around LCMC office) and then begin regular chipping in June.

Dead Trees
Ken again brought up dead standing cedars in Div. 2/3/4.  Extreme fire hazard .  Whose responsibility is the removal? Homeowners or Maintenance Co?  Bill S., Jerry E. and Ken W. will take a look at the trees. 

Firewise Workbook
George Fisher brought 25 copies of a Fire Risk assessment handbook.  With interpretation and parameters for our area, residents could use the “test” in book to grade their property.  Long term it was stated we need to have mapping to really know what areas are “extreme” danger and which areas could be mitigated.  This would be a project if we obtain Federal grant money in 2010 or 2011.

It was suggested we submit a suggestion for the Hood Canal page of the Journal on Firewise.  Also, is it possible for Firewise to have a presence at the July 4th Hoodsport celebration?

Emergency Evacuation Plan
Bill Weed is making progress on that project.   Bill W. has names for Mike Burgwin of people interested in participating in Block Watch effort.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 PM.  Next meeting will be May 5, 2009


Firewise Meetingbr /> March 3, 2009


Meeting called to order by Bill Sostrich, President at 1:10 pm.

 In attendance were: Jerry Eaton, Bill Weed, Bob Berger, Ed Fraser, Deanie Sostrich, George Fisher

Betty Widing – LCMC Board Member
Art Emmons – LCMC Board member 

Ken Weaver – Fire District 18/Commissioner - advisor
Charley Burns – DNR - advisor

Treasurer report:
Beginning Balance - $3,711.77

Income – Sales of markers - $60
Donations - $10

Expenses – Purchase address markers - $2,208.34
Secretary of State annual - $10

Ending balance = $1,563.43

Old Business:
It was decided to purchase a Address Stake Driver for $169.40 from Hansen when the address markers are picked up on March 6th.

New Business:
We will report on the Address Marker Program and the County Emergency  “Phonemaster” program at Booster Club meeting on Mar 4th. 

CDPP: Some additions and changes have been made regarding fire history and the web site.  There was a discussion on including the 1 ½ mile corridor along Hwy 119 to and including Hoodsport.  Bill S is would like to have a discussion with the Port of Hoodsport before including them at this time.  

We need to build coalitions with groups who can help with Firewise priorities (for example the Skokomish Tribe who will be acquiring the Camp Cushman Park, the owners of the Lake Cushman Resort and Sunrise RV Park.

It was suggested we promote Firewise at the Golf Course by perhaps addressing the leagues and meeting with the golf course manager.

Charley Burns reported there are 12 to 13 Fuel Reduction Projects that are due consideration under the Federal Economic Stimulus program.  The Forest Service would take the lead on any projects given funding. 

Charley also talked about the possibility of using a tractor/trailer rig for hauling brush and trees cut in future by Firewise.  The availability of this could tie in with a truck returning to Grays Harbor and might off load at plant that burns biomass. Having this provided free to us would make this feasible with the limited grant money that might become available for our Firewise projects.

Fuel Reduction:  Looking for highly visible projects we could do.  Evaluated with Dan McGrady work in Division 1 Park.  Dead cedars in Division 2 are a tremendous fire hazard and should be removed, but would be something the LCMC should handle. Also discussed the need for thinning behind Mt. Tebo Dr.

Public Relations:  Better weather should bring a lot more promotion of Volunteer Hours and Firewise awareness through flyers in various locations. Deadline for inserting information in LCMC newsletter is May 1st. 

Emergency Response & Evacuation Plan:  Bill Weed and Charley Burns working on a plan modeled after won done in Eatonville.  Specifically targeting Divisions 2,3, and 4.  Ken pointed out that this are presents major challenges to the Fire Department as access and slopes are problems.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 PM


Firewise Meeting Minutes
Feb 3rd 2009
Fire District 18/ Community Disaster Center

Meeting of Lake Cushman Firewise Council (LCFC) was called to order at 1pm by Bill Sostrich

In attendance were: Jerry Eaton, Bill Weed, Bob McCormick, Sandy Eaton, Bob Berger, Ed Fraser, Deanie Sostrich

Betty Widing – LCMC Board Member
Art Emmons – LCMC Board member

Ken Weaver – Fire District 18/Commissioner - advisor
Jim Mitchell – Fire District 18 Commissioner - advisor
Charley Burns – DNR - advisor

A presentation by Sandy K from Mason County Emergency Management on their system “Phonemaster”.  This system works from a directory of residents who have requested notification when any sort  of disaster occurs that could effect their area. The system will call the residents to alert them.  Residents provide their name address and phone number and their signature is kept on file by with Emergency Management of Mason County.  We will provide a form online with the LCMC and  on the Firewise web site under our documents tab.  It is necessary for you to fill out the form and send it in.  It is VERY important that you do this!

Election of officers for 2009 was held:

Bill Sostrich – President
Betty Widing – Vice President
Jackie Bevens – Treasurer
Deanie Sostrich – Secretary 

Betty Widing will remain the registered agent.  George Fisher will be completing our Non-Profit Corporation annual report that needs to be filed before Feb 28.

Treasures report:

Beginning Balance - $3481.77

            Sales – Address markers - $180
             Donations - $50

             Ending Bal = $3711.77

Old Business -
Address Markers – Bill S will need a check for $2208.34 to purchase the 100 address markers.  Charley will be bringing the driver up for us to look at, so we can build our own and save Firewise $150. 

Grant Application – Grant Application – Bill S will make final changes to document that Charley provides this week and will submit to National Fire Plan by Friday Feb 6th

The 2009 Grant application is still pending and we will receive funds if there is any money left over from the California wildfires.

The root rot problem in Div 9 is being considered for work by the LCMC operations staff.  Dan McGrady has agreed to help us out with the timesheets for his employees  by recording their work for Firewise.

New Business –

Fuel Reductions Committee – Jerry Eaton did an evaluation of Div 2, 3 and 4 last week.  There are many lots that need work.  Most of the common areas behind homes have never been cleaned up.  Our quandary is how we proceed in talking with owners and getting their assistance in doing the Firewise work.

Jerry has also talked with Brady Trucking regarding their charge for removing debris from our area.   The cost at $90/hr for their trucking plus $1/yd to chip. If they only pick up chipped material the $1 per yard is waived.  We can afford chipping and haulinWe can afford chipping and hauling if we receive grant money. 

Emergency Plan – Bill Weed – Beginning word on the evacuation plan.  Charley gave Ken Weaver a copy of a plan that was done for District 5.  Ken and Bill W will be going over this and we all use the same “template” to keep things more understandable by the departments and the personnel responding to any emergency in our area.  Ken Weaver will review the plan and makeKen Weaver will review the plan and make sure that we are using similar terminology. 

Publicity Committee -  Sandy Eaton - We will be putting together an information packet  to be included in the upcoming LCMC Spring newsletter. We discussed selective direct mailing packets to residents in most critical areas.  Mailing cost would be approximately 60cents each.

It was proposed contact the Skokomish Tribe if the land swap and settlement award is approved with City of Tacoma. If this is approved Camp Cushman will be come Tribal land. It borders Lake Cushman property and Firewise efforts would be very valuable. It is hoped Tribe would contribute to those efforts.

Another idea presented was to contact Shelton High School.  Students are required to perform community service projects and they have helped other areas in the past. 

Ed Fraser from Colony Surf – Reported that their area continues the Firewise effort.  They have approx 80 full time residents and utilized a local chipper crew to work through the area in 2008 year.  The chipper charge was $50/hr. Some of the Club's maintenance crew work with him.  The contractor's charges are paid by the Colony Surf Club.  By utilizing the contractor, neither the Club or the Firewise group has to purchase, maintain or  store a chipper; thus saving money and  eliminating problems.

eliminating problems.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:45pm


Firewise Meeting Minutes
Jan 13th, 2009 Meeting was called to order at 1pm

Firewise Council members:
Bill Sostrich, Jerry Eaton, Bob McCormick, Bob Berger, Bill Weed, Patty Mitchell, George Fisher

Art Emmons – Lake Cushman Maintenance Company
Sandy Eaton – Lake Cushman Maintenance Company

Charley Burns  - DNR
Ken Weaver – Fire District 18 Commissioner

Old Business:

Treasures report beginning balance -      $2309.77

 Income – Lake Cushman Booster Club -    $1000.00
                      Address Marker sales -

Expenses:  Annual Post Office Rental -      $28  

Checkbook balance =                             $3,481.77

Address Markers program is just getting started.  We have received 11 checks at this time.  All indicated that we should be able to save $150 if we build the driver (to put the stakes in the ground) ourselves.  We will be able to get a look-see at the driver from Charley Burns.  And then design it and build it. 

We talked about putting some type of an identifier on the stakes to alert the Fire department about whether someone there has a medical issue.  This seems to have some problems with privacy and we decided not to do.  We also discussed possibly something to alert the snowplow that there are winter residents in the home.  There is going to be a meeting between the Fire Department and the Maintenance Company.  Bill Sostrich asked Ken Weaver to let Bill Weed & Mike Burgwin when that meeting was going to be so that there could be a representative from Firewise at the meeting.  Ken agreed this would be a good idea.

Bill S. will be able to pick up the address markers in Seattle and they will be stored in Ken’s garage until we actually start putting them in the ground.  The actual work will start in April.  (once the snow has gone)

The root rot issue in Div 9 & 10 was discussed just to close.  We have done all that we can do as the description of the problem was emailed and mailed to the Lake Cushman Maintenance Company. 

On the upcoming grant application.  We will have a meeting (George Fisher, Charley Burns and Bill Sostrich) to go over the details on what specifically will be included in the Feb 6th, 2009 grant application.  This meeting will be this Thur at 10am, George’s house.  A lot of the same information that we used last year will be put in this application. 

Fuels Reduction Committtee - We need to discuss with the Maintenance company the possibility of keeping track of the time that Maintenance Company personnel spend on clearing debris from the roads, picking up debris in parks and removing trees along the road ways.   If this were done it would be possible to include this time in our “in-kind funds”.  This year’s volunteer time has not been established has not been determined, but in 2008 it was worth $19.51 per hour.  This is the same issue with the community we need more people to turn in the timesheets.  In the District I we only received 4 or 5 timesheets out of the 1000 owners.  Also Jerry Eaton will be locating some potential sites for our demonstration projects.  He indicated that doing work on individual lots would be most helpful this year.  It was also suggested that we do work around the maintenance company building as it gets a lot of exposure.

Public relations committee work: There is going to be another Firewise get together in Lake Chelan on Apr 23 & 24th.  We need to get in touch with the companies surrounding our area and let them know about Lake Cushman Firewise and that we are now a 501c. 

Emergency response & evacuation – Bill Weed has done a basic outline of the emergency response plan.  Ken indicated he has had a meeting with the Maintenance Company and has put the plan together and met a couple of times.  There were some issues implementing the plan.  So there is some fine-tuning of the plan that needs to be done. 

Bill Sostrich asked Ken to be sure and includes Bill W and Mike Burgwin in the next meeting to help fine-tune the document. 

A method of notifying all residents of a pending disaster was asked about.  Sandy Eaton brought up using a siren.  Bill Sostrich asked Bill Weed to inquire into a “reverse 911” call to everyone.  This would be done immediately before we lost our phone service in case of a power outage. 

Another issue that was discussed was the need to notify everyone about the need to get your medicines filled before situations do come up like our last snow.  The Fire Department did have a person in place that would have filled any medications during this last disaster.  Of course the biggest problem was the fact that the Fire Department was not able to get to the people because of the large amounts of snow.   

Meeting was adjourned at 2:45pm  - Next meeting will be on Feb 6th at 1pm.