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No monthly meeting Dec

Firewise Meeting
November 2, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM.

In attendance were Ken Weaver, Mike Burgwin, Bob McCormick, Jim Mitchell, Jerry Eaton, Pat McCormick, Donna Hellyer, Mike Fain, Charlie Burns, George Fisher and Bill Sostrich.

Treasurer: Donna H. reported beginning balance as of 10-1-10 is $4,860.31 and the ending balance as of 10-31-10 is $4,804.90. Donna reported that the bank said we had too many signers for checks. Bill and Donna will go to bank to correct signature cards to only two names on the account.

The Standstill Project is complete.  All in attendance agreed that Stymacks did a fantastic job.  The total cost was $3,000.00 plus tax. The $3,000 will come from DNR grant and we will pay the tax of $250.00.

Charlie talked about a Urban and Community Forestry grant. The grant is for $10,000.00. It was suggested we apply for the grant.  Charley would have Sarah come and talk to us about this grant.  Charley thought the grant is due the first of January.  This would allow us to hire an arborist to provide guidance going forward. 

Ken Weaver felt that our biggest concern is some fire going up and onto Dow Mountain.  This responsibility for Dow Mountain is split between Dist. 18 and DNR. We need escape routes, continued fire prevention techniques and possibly widening roads for firebreaks.

One big concern is the lack of a firebreak for hwy 119.  Charley indicated that if we went out 75ft and removed the ladder fuel this would keep a fire from going into the crown.  Hwy 119 is of course the state’s responsibility.

Assistant Fire Chief Mike Fain reported that the calls for illegal burns in the last 3 yrs have gone down 50%.  He attributed this to the educational efforts of Firewise in the Lake Cushman community.

Mike Fain, Charley, Jerry and Ken will get together to try and prioritize some areas for projects in the near future.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 PM

Lake Cushman Firewise Council Minutes
Oct 5, 2010  
In attendance were Ken Weaver, Bob Berger,George Fisher, Bob McCormick. Pat McCormick, Donna Hellyer, Jerry Eaton and Charley Burns.
Treasure, Donna Hellyer reported an ending balance for 8-31-10 was $4,765.31 and the balance for 9-30-10 was $4,860.31 in our checking account.
It was discussed that the Standstill had to be done correctly, cleaning and cutting the branches back high enough to get vehicles through in snow. Charley Burns said he would have at least 750.00 from DNR and we could supply any extra monies needed from our treasury to complete the Standstill project. We must go before the Lake Cushman Board to O.K. the work to be done.
George Fisher asked Charley for more handouts.
Jerry announced he had put in 3 address markers.
Fire Dept. will do practice burn at the stump Dump.
Charley reported the tree debris will remain in place where DNR took out the trees. They will reseed the area. Charley announced there will be grants available. He thought about Feb. Charley indicated Lake Cushman would be #1 on the list. We must start looking for grants.
Dow Mountian was discussed. Ken Weaver explained just where the Fire Dept. can go. The truck will not go up Dow Mountain. Charley wanted to know how many full time people live up here. Number unknown. Dow Mountain is not in our fire dept jurisdiction.
Meeting adjourned at 2:30.

Sept 2010 - No Meeting

Lake Cushman Firewise Meeting
Minutes August 3, 2010

Meeting called to order at 1:00 pm

In attendance were: Donna Hellyer, Bill Sostrich, George Fisher, Bob McCormick, Deanie Sostrich, Rick Donohue, Pat McCormick, Jerry Eaton, Mike & Lorna Burgwin,  Bob Berger

Ken Weaver – Fire District 18/Commissioner – Advisor

Ken Weaver  reported that Fire Dist. 18 is mandated by WA State to report status and initiatives for 2014 plan on reallocation of funds.  They were able to include Firewise and their “fire prevention” strategies in the district. Firewise was recognized in the report.  Bill brought up the fire assessment document and what information Firewise will gather and how that might mesh with what Fire Dept. can use.  Ken also reported that Fire Dept. meetings with the Skokomish tribe are very positive.  It is hoped Firewise can also partner with them in future.

Donna Hellyer reported a balance in the treasury of $5,115.67 with one or two deposits and one or two checks to be written this coming month.

Bill S. reported on the Ice Cream Social and thanked everyone for their assistance.  Discussion followed on making this an annual event at Kokanee and include DNR and Fire Dept with more emphasis.  We need to reach more of the community that does not ordinarily show up at events.

Mike Burgwin reported his temporary assignment (as a new LCMC board member) to work with Community Watch.  He wants the “watch” group to have more interaction with residents and to utilize firewise materials and also acquaint more people with the address markers.

George Fisher will organize Firewise participation at the LCMC picnic the end of August.

Bill S.  reported we have sold 57 address markers with two to install (one of which was one in drawing at Ice Cream Social).  Laura Burgwin reported the Lady 9ers golf group will donate money toward a fund for giving markers to needy people.  Donna suggested we ask LCMC to include Firewise materials and address marker flyer in the packets they give to new lot owners.

Mailing was discussed.  We will gether what materials we have, along with envelopes and labels and letters and meet at 11 am on Tuesday, August 10th at LCMC meeting room to fold, stuff, and address up to 600 pieces. 

August project will also be on 8/10 at 11 am on Mt Jupiter (near LCMC) to do some clearing and limbing-up of a lot that owner, John Clark, can't  do.  Bill reported the July project at Charlotte Allen's made a big difference for her lot.

Bill S. will be out of town beginning Aug 25 and Jerry Eaton will head up Firewise during that time conducting business and seeing that any markers are installed and special projects are handled.  George Fisher will handle reports to Booster Club.  Donna Hellyer will continue her duties as Treasurer.

Ken reported a television report that 96% of homes in Eastern Washington where owners practice National Firewise Standards have been saved in wildfires.  98% in British Columbia also using Firewise standards.

Meeting adjourned at 2:10 pm


Lake Cushman Firewise Council
Meeting  July 6, 2010

Meeting called to order by Bill Sostrich at 1:05 pm. 

Present wereRick Donahue, Art Emmons, George Fisher, Deanie Sostrich, Bob Berger, Donna Hellyer and Bill Sostrich.

Charley Burns - DNR Advisor

Old Business:  Ice Cream Social scheduled for July 31st , Div. 1 Gazebo, 1 pm.  We have obtained use permit from LCMC .  No deposit required on promise we would leave clean.  Charley Burns offered to bring a DNR brush truck with probably a crew of 3.  He will also bring some Smokey Bear literature.  We are hosting the free community event with Dist 18 and the Fire Auxiliary . Auxiliary will share costs with us.  We will pick up Olympic Mountain Ice Cream at $21.00 per  1 ½ gal to serve about 20+ .  Estimate we will need enough to serve 150.  Also need to purchase waffle cones ($1.98 per dozen), paper napkins, paper  towels and dry ice.  Need to borrow at least 6 coolers to transport and serve from; plus scoops . Ask Booster Club to use their raffle tickets for the free address marker we are going to give away in a drawing. Need volunteers from both Firewise and Auxiliary to help. 

Mailing update:  Non-profit status from USPS will reduce our costs to 17 cents per oz per piece plus $180 yearly charge.  We can mail from Hoodsport, Shelton or Olympia depending on where we set up.  Costs are cheaper (11cents) from Olympia, but would need one willing to drive to do that.  We need about 500 pieces per year to break even.  We all agreed to proceed with first 1000 since Booster Club donated $1000 for that purpose in 2009. 

Assessment Forms:  Charley passed out forms to be used as guidelines when making individual and neighborhood assessments.  We have done several individual assessments already.  Charley continues to work on assessing divisions.  Today he is looking at divisions 9 through 16 for Emergency Evacuation Plan.  Discussion followed on the logging at Potlatch Cushman road and Charley explained the rules state foresters and contractors must follow.

Assistance to lot owners:  We have done one chipping project for a homeowner and received a thank you letter. We have two more requests for help and will be doing the first one on 7/17 and  the other one in August.   It was suggested we might enlist Scout Troops to help with some of our clean up.  Bill S. has contacted the Scout Troop in Shelton and they are interested in a project involving for someone that is not capable (financially or physically) of doing the work.  They won’t be able to help us this year as it is already booked.  Charley also suggested we consider hiring a group since sometimes troops need to raise money.

Reported that Firewise meeting held by DNR on 6/19 at Harstine Pt..  It was interesting to note that all in attendance indicated they have similar problems regarding Firewise activities.  This seems to be the situation in western Washington communities.

Treasurer’s Report:  Donna reported a 6 mos Year To Date balance of $5,050.67.  It was mentioned we would need more donations next year to replace the address marker program when those are all sold.  Currently we have sold 56 of the markers and netted $2075.  We have also given away 2 at a Kiwanis event.

Stump Dump/Community Clean Up:  Since dump won’t be open for burning in foreseeable future we decided to survey homeowners to see if they would participate (financially as well as with debris) in a clean up.  We could contract a large chipper and crew to chip yard debris place on driveways.  There would be designated days and the chipper would simply drive down the street and chip.  There will be a small learning curve by our lot owners as it is necessary to have the limbs and debris lined up to allow the chipping to go as quickly as possible.  Charley reported this method to be very successful in his neighborhood.  We will follow up with a survey.  Charley has resources for landscape companies.

Charley took our pictures in front of our new Firewise Banner received this last week.  We now have two banners that can be used at meetings and events.

Meeting adjourned at 2:55 pm.


Lake Cushman Firewise
June1, 2010

Meeting called to order at 1:00 pm

Present were:  Bill Weed, Rick Donahue, Bob McCormick, Pat McCormick, Art Emmons, George Fisher and Bill Sostrich.

Ken Weaver - Advisor

Old Business:  Standstill Dr. roadway needs to be limbed up. Engine and big trucks from Fire Station 18 are hitting overhanging trees.  No satisfactory fire break.  After receiving the $54,000 bid from Asplundh  to take care of our roads, it was decided our group could take care of this section with help from Northwest Tree and Landscape.  Time to be determined, but planned for this month.  We will ask Mike Fain, Assistant. Fire Chief to provide flagging gear. Bill S. will notify group of time.

We have sold 49 addresses with 47 currently installed. We are close to break even point. 

Mailing to District I still pending.  Bill has submitted an application to the Post Office to get a bulk mailing permit.

Copy of Treasurer's report was circulated at meeting.  May 1, 2010 balance - $4717.92

May 31, 2010 balance - $4862.67

New Business: We will have a Firewise Booth at the June 5th Forest Festival.  Brochures, pencils, candy, etc. will be used for handout.  We will have a table with the display board (currently on loan to Colon Surf).  George Fisher coordinating event.  He still needs help from 3 pm through take-down. Festival Event president needs to inform us of location on Loop Field.  We will set up on Friday evening.  Bob Molsworth from Fire Dist. 5 will assist us and we have extended invitation to Colony Surf and Harstine Island Firewise groups to participate.  George will contact Donna, Treasurer for a check to cover expenses and purchase of banner.

Free Community Day Ice Cream Social was discussed.  We are planning to host this event with Dist 18 Fire Axillary on July 31, 2010.  The Fire Dept will participate by bringing a vehicle and perhaps provide other information.  Firewise will have a free raffle for an address marker.  We will price Olympic Mountain ice cream.  Suggest cones to cut on mess and cost of bowls and spoons.  We will contact Booster Club for loan of raffle ticket roll. Social to be held at Division 1 park if agreeable with Axillary  This location is okay with Fire Dept.

Firewise Leadership Awards Program.  Charlie Burns encouraged us to participate.  George sent a first draft application to members.  He has questions concerning timing.  Do they want 2009 or 2010 projects?  Also section referring to interface with other agencies does not really apply to us.  Recognition would be really helpful to our efforts since we cover such a large area (3000 lots, 2200 owners, all surrounded by wild lands).

Bill Sostrich again mentioned possible purchase of a display board.  Cost is almost $300.00. 

Meeting adjourned at 2:15 pm.

Lake Cushman Firewise Council 
Meeting Minutes
May 11, 2010

In attendance were: Donna Hellyer, Bill Sostrich, George Fisher, Bob McCormick, Deanie Sostrich, Art Emmons, Pat McCormick, Rick Donohue, Betty Widing

Ken Weaver – Fire District 18/Commissioner – Advisor
Charley Burns – DNR – Advisor 

Meeting at 1 pm at LCMC office.  Pres, Bill opened with a report on the Annual meeting.  He offered group thanks to Donna Hellyer for writing and mailing at her own expense, thank you notes to our contributors of over $50.00.  He also reported on Firewise Project on May 1st.  Trees and brush were trimmed up as much as possible to increase visibility onto Hwy 119.  Chipper provided by Lloyd Mott.

Total sales so far on address markers (second 100) equals $1605.00 One additional marker sold end of April and installed.  Two markers were donated to Spring Fling Auction for Hood Canal school.

Treasurer reported balance as of 5/3 of $4707.92.

As soon as letter for District 1 mailing is ready we will mail (along with a flier from DNR).  Will contact D & H Printing in Shelton to do the copying and mailing bulk.  When we have a bid will report back to membership..

New Member window cling is too expensive to have produced (close to $5.00).  We will give out Firewise materials instead to be determined.

Community Fair on 5/15/.  Our table will be staffed by Bill Sostrich, Pat or Bob McCormick, Deanie Sostrich and Donna Hellyer.

Application for Forest Festival vendor “booth” will be submitted.  We will be at event on Saturday, June 5th.  George Fisher will coordinate.  Charlie Burns will provide canopy and table.  He will provide George with contacts for other Firewise groups to see if they wish to participate.

It was decided we will host, with Ladies Fire Auxiliary Dist 18, a Community Ice Cream Social on July 31st at Div. 1 park.  Auxiliary will raise funds through raffles.  Sue Creed will contact Mike Mott to see if the Volunteer Firefighters Association will participate.  Firewise could also do a fund raising for membership at that event.

The LCMC Picnic will be the 3rd Saturday in August.  Firewise might want a table there.

Charlie Burns reported that the National Forest Service has expressed an interest in allocating dollars to LC Firewise.  We are #10 on there list of projects.  He also requested we submit an application for the Firewise Leadership Awards and gave that to George.  He need a letter describing our activities.

Charlie, Art and Bill evaluated properties on Dow Mountain prior to meeting.  It is very difficult terrain.  Fire prevention is really the only option.  Also an evacuation and early notification would be very important for those homeowners.  That area is not served by Dist 18.  DNR and Forest Service would respond.

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 PM for look at how to perform property assessments.  Charlie did the hands on instruction.

Firewise Annual Meeting Minutes
April 10, 2010

Meeting held at the Hoodsport Library at 1PM

15 members and guests attending:

Bill and Deanie Sostrich, George and Eileen Fisher, Jerry and Sandy Eaton, Bob McCormick, Bob Burrger, Mike and Laura Burgwin, Ken Weaver, Donna Hellyer, Rick Donahue, Charley Burns

Guests – Rich Donahue & Claudia Gillilan

Dues collected from 13 of those present for a total of $65.00. 

The Board of Directors was approved with the following members and newly elected officers as shown.  Bill Sostrich, Pres., Jerry Earon, Vice Pres., Deanie Sostrich, Secretary , Donna Hellyer, Treasurer, Betty Widing, Bill Weed, George Fisher, Eileen Fisher, Mike Burgwin, Lorna Burgwin, Bob McCormick, Bob Berger, Art Emmons

            Accomplishments for 2009

Feb 2009 – Submitted NFP Grant. Total monies requested$284,000

Firewise Volunteer forms – 900 hrs of volunteer time + $ paid to contrators = $30k in matching funds.

Address Markers – 142 placed on owners properties.

Projects – May 30th limbed up & chipped around LCMC building.

Firewise Day – Aug 29 – LCMC picnic

Circulated Firewise Information in neighborhoods.

Created Evacuation Plan for Div 2,3, 4

Submited RFQ for road trimming

Goals for 2010

Firewise Education through mailings and meetings

Firewise Assessments

Address Marker Program

Community Firewise Day

Clean-up and limb-up neighborhood projects

Complete Wildfire Structure Proction & Evauation Plan

Guest Speaker Charley Burns from Dept of Natural Resources,presented an interesting and informative overview of DNR work with Firewise, Wildfire Risk Assessment and Fire History in Washington. 

            *Note:  We will have Charley doing a “hands-on” training with our Fireiwise group on Wildfire Assessment in our community at the May meeting.

It was mentioned that at the upcoming Community Fair we should emphasize the use of Recreation Firepits as that is a major concern of DNR.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM           


999 cookies and coffee were provided by members!



Firewise Meeting Minutes
April 6th, 2010

Meeting began at 1:30 pm

In attendance were: Donna Hellyer, Bill Sostrich, George Fisher, Bob Berger, Bob McCormick, Jerry Eaton, Mike Burgwin, Lorna Burgwin, Deanie Sostrich

Ken Weaver – Fire District 18/Commissioner - Advisor

We have sold and installed 42 of the 2nd 100 address markers with a total collected including extra donations of $1575.00

Donna has list for Thank You notes to donors of $50 or over.  She will provide cards and postage.

Firewise is donating two address markers to the Kiwanis for their Spring Fling Silent Auction on 4/10 to benefit Hood Canal School.

George suggested we put up our flyers re: Annual Meeting in Hoodsport and he will do that.

Donna volunteered to keep our Info boxes filled with Firewise materials for the upcoming summer season (total of 8 boxes).

We will have a work project on May 1st at 10:00 a.m. to limb up SW corner of Hwy 119 across from LCMC building.  Will bring better visibility to vehicles turning left from Div 6,7,18 onto HWY.

Jerry will ask Lloyd Mott if he can chip the trimmings. Bill will check on leftover orange vests for Firewise.  If not available Lorna will provide us vests from Booster Club.

Discussion of having “community chipper days”. George will get Kerry's phone number for information on individual who chips for Colony Surf. His rates last yr were $50 per hr.  Deanie will call equipment rental in Shelton to check their price on their chipper.

Major project for 2010 will be the Assessment program to be introduced by Charley Burns at Annual Meeting on Saturday, at Library 1 PM.

Deanie will purchase cups, napkins, creamer, sugar (and coffee if needed) for the meeting.  Everyone is bringing cookies for refreshments.  George has bottled water.

Suggested George look at a Firewise banner and possibly interactive teaching display available on their website.

Cost will probably be $1.00 each.  Lorna Burgwin is in charge of our membership promotion and will be offered at $5.00 and promoted as way to support our cause.  Deanie suggested trying to give new members a window decal.  Cost will probably be about $1.00 each.

Lorna and Bill are also writing the letter for mailing to Dist 1.  Donna and Bill had the address stickers printed last month.

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 PM

Submitted by Secretary, Deanie

Firewise Meeting/span>
March 9, 2010

Meeting called to order at 2 PM. 

In attendance were: Donna Hellyer, Bob Berger, Deanie Sostrich, Mike Burgwin,  Jerry Eaton, Bill Sostrich, George Fisher, Betty Widing

Ken Weaver – Fire District 18/Commissioner - advisor

Bill S. announced that we have sold 39 address markers of the second order of 100.  One marker remains to be installed.  We have collected $1485.00 for those thus far.

Treasurer, Donna H. reported and ending balance on 2/26 of $4598.20 in our checking account.

It was decided we will send thank you notes to anyone donating $20.00 or more above the $30.00 cost of markers.  Donna volunteered to send those and include past donations from 2009.

George Fisher requested two address markers to donate to the Kiwanis auction benefiting Hood Canal School.

Bill S. presented a bill for $10.00 to cover the e file of  state annual report of non-profit status. 

The Annual Firewise meeting will be held Saturday, April 10th at 1PM at the Community Disaster room.  We will ask Charlie Burns to do a presentation.  We will also present our accomplishments and goals to community and serve ice cream.  Deanie will check IGA for Cascade Ice Cream supply.  George F. will publicize through KMAS, Channel 46 and the Mason County Journal.

Bill S. asked group for ideas on summer project.  Suggestions as follows: More materials for Booster Club meetings, common area in Div 14 for trim up and clean-up on individual lots where homeowners request assistance.  Publicize  Firewise  willingness to survey homeowners  lots for fire safety. Do limb up on entrance Div. 6,7, 18 and at View Point on State property. Ken Weaver said to contact the South Sound DOT Road Engineer with plan and for extra signage if needed.

Betty Widing said deadline for the LCMC newsletter is April 29th   There are many opportunities between April and June to inform the community about Firewise and we need to be present at as many events as possible.  Betty will be working on a form that will allow people to request special assistance with their Firewise project.  This will be included in the Spring newsletter.

We need to do our $500. mailing to the north end of the Lake as soon as possible for delivery first of May.  Lorna Burgwin as membership chairman should be involved.  Bill S. will help with mailing list and Lorna will work on flier.

Bill S. will contact Charlie Burns about help in completing Emergency Evacuation Plan.

Jerry Eaton indicated he would follow up on marking areas for Asplund to submit bid for road work.  Any work to be performed when/if a grant is awarded via “stimulus money”.  Jerry will also contact Lloyd Mott to see if his chipper is still available for hire.

Meeting adjourned at 3 pm.

Firewise Minutes
Feb 10th, 2010

Meeting called to order at 2 pm 

In attendance were: Art Emmons, Donna Hellyer, Bill Sostrich, George Fisher, Bob Berger, Bob McCormick, Betty Widing.

Michael Fain – Fire District 18 Assistant Chief - Advisor
Ken Weaver – Fire District 18/Commissioner - Advisor

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss members and membership and how it applies to the Lake Cushman Firewise Council.   

Since our organization has been in the development stage this issue is very important as we move forward.  George Fisher explained the details of our membership.  We have 4 officers and currently we have 10 Board members.  At this time we do not have any members from the community. 

We did establish a need for membership.  All agreed that this would be a good idea. Residents of the Lake Cushman Firewise area may become members by indicating they would like to become a member and paying the annual dues of $5.00.   Members will be valid from the time of the annual meeting to the next annual meeting.

The Board will consist of a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 15 members.  The Board will be elected by a vote of the members present at the annual meeting.  The annual meeting will be held on Apr 3rd.  The Annual meetings will be held in subsequent years on the first Sat of the month of April.  Notices will be put out to the community well in advance to the annual meeting.

Lorna Burgwin has volunteered to be the membership chairman for the Lake Cushman Firewise Council.  Lorna will keep a list of the members and their status and this list will be available to the members.

Bill Sostrich will ask the Fire District 18 Chief to appoint an advisor to the Lake Cushman Firewise Council.  This will be available for future reference by the Firewise Council Board. 

Bill Sostrich indicated that the Lake Cushman Board had appointed Chuck Bevens as the representative from the Lake Cushman Board.

The registered agent will be changed from Betty to the secretary of the Lake Cushman Firewise Council.

Meeting adjourned at 3:20pm


Minutes of the Lake Cushman Firewise Council
February 2, 2010

Meeting called to order at 2 pm

In attendance were: Art Emmons, Donna Hellyer, Deanie Sostrich, Bill Sostrich, Jerry Eaton, George Fisher, Mike Burgwin, Lorna Burgwin, Betty Widing, Michael Fain and Chuck Bevens

Ken Weaver – Fire District 18/Commissioner - advisor
Charley Burns – DNR - advisor

 Pres. Bill Sostrich  brought up old business reporting that 37 address markers (of the 2nd 100 ordered) have been so far.  Will put in Spring LCMC Newsletter and should have an even better response later in year.

Mike Burgwin announced the Lake Cushman Booster Club will sponsor a Community Fair on May 15th from 10am to 4 pm with approximately 20 vendors.  A free table will be given jointly to Fire Dist 18 and Firewise for educational displays.

Bill requested a replacement Treasurer for Bill Weed due to his health issues.  Donna Hellyer was nominated to take over his duties.  Motion to approve by Mike Burgwin, seconded by Jerry Eaton.  Unanimous vote approved.

Bill provided Treasurer's report.  Beginning balance of $3,965.79 and with donations and address marker sales and an expense for reflective numbers we had an ending balance of $4,518.20.

Bill requested a review of our by-laws and provided copies of current by-laws with some proposed changes.  This including reducing the number on Board of Directors from 10 to perhaps 5. A discussion followed with comments and suggestions from most who were present.  Further discussion was tabled until March pending research and recommendations from George Fisher. 

Mike Fain, Assistant Fire Chief and Ken Weaver, Commissioner reported the Dept. would always include a representative at our meetings.  The Fire Dept. considers Firewise will be an important partner in the future.

Jerry Eaton reported on the fire reduction plan for 2010 if we are awarded stimulus money.  Roads in Lake Cushman have been surveyed and areas needing trimming up and tree removal were identified.  Jerry is getting a bid from Asplund on cost and time.  It was previously decided that the roads should provide the firebreaks for the community.  At some future time the greenbelts could be worked on.

Charlie Burns discussed the Emergency Evacuation Plan and it's importance.  Mike Fain added that it would be a great help to fire department and other agencies responding to a disaster.  Art Emmons and Ken Weaver indicated they would be willing to help with areas still needing to be completed.  Divisions 2 through 4, Staircase and Westside are complete.  Division 1 has been done also.

Charlie also discussed the new grant process for 2011.  We were number 6 selected from the state last year.  When stimulus money comes in for 2010 it will be awarded for “shovel-ready” projects and we might have a good chance to receive some help there.

Charlie announced a possible Firewise Workshop at Lake Chelan again in 2010.  Most costs are covered and it is a very worthwhile event.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:20 PM

Respectfully submitted                                                          Deanie Sostrich, Secretary



2008 Minutes