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Firewise Meeting Minutes
Dec 4, 2012
Attending were Donna Hellyer, Bob Berger, Ken Weaver, Bill Sostrich, Deanie Sostrich and Laura Burgwin.

First order of business was the use of donated art piece jar created by Dale Zimmerman. It was decided we would promote a raffle at $1.00 per ticket through all events Firewse held or participated in. After Labor Day we would have drawing to determine winner. All proceeds to be put in general firewise fund (unless determined at later date that proceeds should be in LED sign fund)

Treasurer’s report and accounting were presented and discussed.The LED Sign is being tracked on a separate ledger, but will continue to be held in our one checking account.There will always be notation of any monies “loaned” from regular Firewise balance to the special project.Balance in our checking account ending November 30, 2012 is $2080.22. After payments for sign, shipping, insurance our special fund balance is a negative $564.80. We are expecting a Fire Dept donation of $1500 to project at end of December.

It will be determined in future when we need to begin charging a usage fee for maintenance. We expect that there will some small balance after installation left for any maintenance for at least short term. Costs still to be determined are permits and miscellaneous materials for installation.

Bill reported the programming of sign is more involved than he at first thought. As we proceed through installation and testing there will undoubtedly be pitfalls and issues to be resolved.   Milliken (the sign company) is very responsive to calls for assistance.

Bill stated that he would be sending an email to the different community groups asking for their input on messages to go on the sign. This will include “filler” messages such as the Fire Departments message that is currently displaying to “clean your chimneys”.

Meeting adjourned at 2:20 PM

Respectfully submitted
Deanie Sostrich,
Firewise Meeting Minutes
Nov 6, 2012
Meeting called to order at 1:33 pm

Those in attendance were Donna, Hellyer, Bob McCormick, Pat McCormick, Dougles Foster, Bob Berger, Jim Mitchell, Ashlyn Pyle, Ken Weaver, George Fisher, Mike Bergwin, Bill Sostrich, and Deanie Sostrich.

The treasurer’s report was read showing an ending balance for October of $3559.02.  One deposit of $250 was recorded for Nov. 5th.

Donations for the sign are $2750.00 so far (including $1500 by Firewise.  We are also expecting a $1000 donation from the LCMC in November and a $1500 donation from the Fire Dept in December.

Bill reported he spoke with Allen Tahja, the engineer helping with LED sign project and with the WA state rep.  The state’s only requirement is we have a set-back of sign 30’ from center of Hwy 119.  When Allen completes drawings we will submit request to Mason Co. for permit.  A contract has been prepared for a lease agreement with Mike Miller at Lake Cushman Grocery.  That will be presented for signature next week.  DNR will also check the tress blocking view to see if they should be removed.

A discussion followed regarding the RCW’s that address scenic highways and commercial signs.  Questions and discussion also followed for clarification of ownership and use of sign.

Ken suggested our next priority after the sign is installed is to complete the Evacuation Plan.  The Fire Dept and LCMC initially developed the plan, but a lot of work is needed to complete it.  During a disaster several groups need access to a detailed community plan, including, Fire Dept, DNR, Federal responders, Block Watch, etc.

A grant from National Fire Protection Agency is available for fuel reduction projects.  Studies have been done by UWA, Evergreen College and others, that could help us in preparing a grant application.  Grant awards can cover a forester, study and other tools.  Firewise could apply with a goal of benefiting the LCMC in dealing with greenbelts.

Another 2013 issue for Firewise is fundraising.  We need to sell remaining 45 address markers.  That alone would add about $1350.  A discussion followed on targeting likely residents for sale.

A suggestion that the Community combine efforts in the summer for a Lake Cushman Fair that would include many groups “under one tent”. 

We adjourned at 2:35 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Secretary, Deanie

Firewise Meeting Minutes
Oct 2, 2012
Meeting was called to order by Ken Weaver-Vice President at 1:37pm

Members present were Ken Weaver, Bob Berger, um Mitchell, Bob McCormick, Pat McCormick and Donna Hellyer. One guest was present Sonja Cousins from Community Connections and Firemen Aux. Deanie and Bill Sostrich excused, they are on vacation.

Treasure report was given by Donna Hellyer-Treasurer, current Balance is $3059.02, and this includes $500.00 deposit from Fireman's Aux. for construction of LED sign.

Sonja Cousins said Community Connections Group, will give $250.00 for sign. Possible they might be able to give a little more money. A request has been submitted to the Booster Club.

Ken explained that he is working with a design person (that Jan Anderson hooked us up with) to help us through the County/State permit process.  As for funds we need $4,000.00 total to purchase the sign plus $400.00 for shipping to get sign delivered.

Ken noted Fire Department has agreed to give $1500.00, but not untit November.

LCMC Board meeting tabled the sign donation till next meeting.

There was considerable discussion.  The group felt that considering the wonderful news that engineering and most of the construction materials/labor would be donated and that the Community needs to see we are serious about putting up a sign, a motion was made and seconded to go ahead with permitting and get site ready for the sign to be installed.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30

Minutes taken by Donna Hellyer-Treasurer

Firewise Meeting Minutes
Sept 11,2012
Meeting began at 1:30 pm.

Attending: Deanie Sostrich, Donna Hellyer, Mike Burgwin, Harvey Schulz, Jim Mitchell, Bob Berger, Ken Weaver, George Fisher, Bill Sostrich.

Treasurer’s report: Donna H. an ending balance in August of $4088.52. September balance through 9/11 is $4054.02.

Bill S. reported we have received a $500 check from the Fire District 18 Auxiliary to be applied to LED sign purchase.
He also reported an expenditure of $74.50 to Info Pak for plastic boxes to replace missing and broken ones in several divisions. Also he will try to sell a couple to LCMC to replace their boxes that have been destroyed.

Old business Discussion and actions regarding the LED sign project. Description: 63” wide x 50” high x 18” deep 2 sided amber, fully programmable for type, lines, rate, etc. Bill passed out an early draft on sign information.(updated draft attached) The Fire Dept has expressed a willingness to give money toward the sign, but we must submit two quotes. Bill will provide. Ken W. stated after long research we have found the best company for the money and will follow that avenue. As Bill explained in the “draft” document, a committee of the initial investors will refine the details of usage.

It is possible with given and promised monies we will have $4000. If LCMC makes a sizable contribution we could be getting close to needed amount of around $6000. That would take care of installation, permits, shipping, taxes etc.

Jim Mitchell indicated he knows someone who will supply for free enough 1 ½” gray conduit for our electric and data lines. Installation will all be volunteer. Mike at Lake Cushman Grocery has a trencher he will use.

Mike Bergwin stated the LCMC would want more specifics about sign usage and that was discussed. It was agreed there are three groups of users: 1. Fire prevention, suppression and education. 2. Lake Cushman Maintenance Company departments and affiliated groups. 3. Community organizations. The useage would be split equally, but could also be structured to accommodate seasonal needs. Lake Cushman Grocery would have the top line on each side for his use, but to be limited to store information.

Ken Weaver will present proposal to the LCMC Board Meeting on 9//27.

New Business: Proposed change in Firewise by-laws. Bill submitted current by-laws and proposed changes.

Article 2 Purpose: Current bylaw:
The purpose of this organization shall be to provide firewise education, disaster evacuation training and support, and organize and support fuel reduction efforts for its members and to lease equipment for use by the organization in the protection of persons and property from injury, loss, damage, or destruction by fire, to acquire land and to construct and erect buildings for the use of the members of the organization in connection with the housing of equipment and for providing a place of meeting for the members of the organization.

Proposed bylaw Change: The purpose of this organization shall be to provide Firewise education, the support of disaster evacuation training. The Firewise Council shall organize and promote fuel reduction efforts. To purchase or lease equipment and provide storage for that equipment, in furthering education, training and support of Lake Cushman and the surrounding community.

A motion was made to approve by Ken, seconded by Donna and approved by a show of hands.

Jim requested an updated list of current directors with addresses and phone numbers to be included with attachment.

Bill requested a vote on mailing deposit of $1500 to Milliken Distribution (LED sign). George made motions, seconded by Mike. Approved by show of hands.

Meeting adjourned at 3 pm

Firewise Annual Meeting Minutes
August 25,2012
Our last annual meeting was held in April of 2011

Recap our finances. Balance Jan 2012 - $4,425.84 Ending Balance July 31 - $4,125.16

Projects completed: In Oct of last year we had our drawing of a free Firewise project on your property. George & Ileene won and donated to Pat & Bob. The project was completed and all are happy!

On May 5th we had our Chipper Day. We chipped debris on 29 lots. We then hauled off a few more as we didn’t have time to do the remaining 2 lots and we hauled this to Ken’s property, which he later disposed of. I had a “guestamate” that we converted some 60 pickup loads of fire fuel to mulch in the community. Cost of chipper day: Paid to Stymacks $1000, donations received: $285 = -$715

Projects in the works: Address Markers - We have installed 210 address markers in the community. This has aided the Fire Department as well as insured that properties will be able to be found during a wildfire. Not to mention it has given homeowners a way to find their properties. We have a balance of 44 markers, which we need to get out!

Jim Freed, U of Washington regarding a workshop on creating and maintaining a healthier forest. Due to some travel plans on some of our part, we weren’t able to make this happen this year. Next year project?

The Community Information Sign at the Lake Cushman Grocery - Many hours of work have been put into this so far. We have been to the County on permits and have been given the green light there. Cost of permits are $289. We have contacted the State as this is on Hwy 119. The State has indicated they are looking at it and the request for their guidelines is in their hands at this time.

We have found a sign that is a 6 line amber 50” wide x 63” high. The sign is in FL and would cost approx $400 to ship. A very good sign that is currently in their inventory. The salesman said that he would take the existing sign that is 10’ wide and rearrange it so that it is only 50” wide. Total cost to us is $4000 plus shipping. The software is very easy to use and they have provided us via download.

We have discussed all of the sign issues with the Mike and the store and he is willing to chip in on cost as well as do the trenching. Emergency

Evacuation Plan - We are continuing work on the Evacuation Plan. Ken & Jim have done some additional assessments of properties in Div 17. Firewise Assessments – Our charter is to educate the community regarding the best way to protect their property in case of a wildfire. This project is very important to the community. We should spend this next year contacting our neighbors and encourage them to have a Firewise assessment of their property.

Our annual meeting included a nomination by Deanie Sostrich of Bob Berger serving on the Lake Cushman Firewise Council Board. All voted in favor of Bob joining our Board.

The current Board consists of:
Board of Directors
Bill Sostrich 100 N Duckabush Loop W, 877-2189
Deanie Sostrich, 100 N Duckabush Loop W, 877-2189
Donna Hellyer, 131 N Mt Jupiter Dr, 877-6440
Ken Weaver 101 N Lakeview Dr, 877-5821
Mike Burgwin 361 N Standstill, 877-9853
Lorna Burgwin 361 N Standstill, 877-9853
George Fisher 291 N Marine View Dr, 877-9109
Jim Mitchell 150 Lakeview Dr N, 877-5721

As we have an opening for a Vice President, Deanie Sostrich nominated Ken Weaver.
All voted in favor. The current officers are:

Current Officers: President – Bill Sostrich
Vice President – Ken Weaver
Treasurer – Donna Hellyer
Secretary – Deanie Sostrich

Meeting concluded at 12 noon

Firewise Meeting Minutes
August 7, 2012

Meeting began at 1:30pm

Attending: Bill and Deanie Sostrich, Alice Downs, Bob Berger, Jim Mitchell, Bob and Pat McCormick, Donna Hellyer, Mike Berguin.
George Fisher arrived after meeting and spoke with Bill.
Treasurer's Report: Ending balance July 31st of $4,125.16

LED Emergency and Community Information Sign: Bob Berger reported that the sign research has been narrowed and we are looking at approximately $2700 plus installation. We estimate complete project would cost about $3500. Company most likely to place order with is Screaming Eagles.. Discussion on fund-raising from interested groups and individuals. Bill reported he has heard from at least two people willing to donate $100. Groups who have previously expressed a willingness to help are : Booster Club, Community Connections and Auxiliary. Mike Berguin also indicated the LCMC might be able to help Another possibility is the Dist 18 Firefighters Association. Donna and Deanie will compose letters to send for requests for help.

Burn Ban Discussion:The communications regarding burn bans are conflicting and confusing. Bill is talking with Chief Mott. Mike reported that Security has a difficult time enforcing when there are no clear guidelines. I.E. Are there approved campfires or no burning at all. Fire Dist. Uses guidelines from county, but may modify by making more strict as they see necessary. The Chief feels few people have approved fire pits.

Ice Cream Social: To be held Saturday August 25th. We need help to serve and clean up The Annual meeting will precede the social. Donna has reserved the room at the Fire Station. We will have annual meeting at 12:30 pm followed by ice cream at 1 pm. Deanie will talk to Auxiliary to see if they want to sell Hot Dogs. Event could end at 2:30pm. Suggestion: Perhaps we could have a display of our LED sign. We are hoping to get a discount on ice cream purchase through Jan Anderson who has worked with owners of Olympic Mountain Ice Cream in past. More information will be sent to this group as soon as we know details. Deanie will make flyers.

Donna brought up the increasing frequency of Home insurers to inspect house setting and exterior for fire safety.

Mike Berguin told the group to enter and leave through back door in future to lessen the traffic and distraction for the people who work in front office.

Bill reported Jan Anderson donated her winning raffle prize of "Chipping by Lloyd Mott to Firewise. He felt we might want to take advantage of that in Sept or Oct. with some assistance by Firewise members. He will call Lloyd.

Bill asked what group felt about including, as a piece of our Evacuation Plan, information to how to prepare for an evacuation. (What to have ready and at hand and a plan for being able to gather needed items in a hurry).

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 PM.
Submitted by Secretary, Deanie Sostrich

Firewise Meeting Minutes
May 1, 2012

Meeting began at 1:35 pm

Attending: Donna Hellyer, Pat McCormick, Bob McCormick, Mike Burgwin, Lorna Burgwin, Larry Krueger, Bob Berger, Bill Sostrich, George Fisher, Ken Weaver and Deanie Sostrich

New member present, Larry Krueger who lives in Div. 8

Treasurer reported balance of $4,580.16. No transactions in April.

Bill S. gave introduction of what Firewise does ( benefit of our new member).

He then passed around the list of people signed up to have chipping done on Saturday May 5th. Twenty-nine homes on list. He has asked Stymak Co. to plan on up to 8 hours for operating their 5 inch chipper.

Bill passed around a sheet for members to volunteer to assist with Chipper Day. It was discussed if group would do another chipper project this year. No decision was made.

Bob Berger talked about progress on LED sign for Lake Cushman. He has found we can save money by using a standard size rather than size of old one. Mike Burgwin suggested a follow –up meeting to finalize. That was agreed upon and set for May 15th at 1:30 pm, at LCMC office.

Bill S. reminded group Jim Freed from Univ of WA will speak at Sept. 5th Booster. We discussed setting a “field trip” and education day for Lake Cushman residents on Aug. 15th or 22.

It was decided our Annual meeting would be on August 25th followed by the Ice Cream Social.

Adjourned at 2:30 pm.

Firewise Meeting Minutes 
Apr 3, 2012
Meeting began at 1:30 PM

Present were: Charley Burns, Jane Potter, Lorna Burgwin, Mike Burgwin, Pat Mc Cormick, Bob McCormick, Bob Berger, Ken Weaver, Jim Mitchell, Donna Hellyer, George Fisher, Deanie Sostrich, Bill Sostrich and Jim Freed

Treasurer’s report:  Donna showed ending balance as of Mar 31st of $4580.16.

Bill began meeting by introducing Jim Freed University of Washington.  He works with private landowners and does forestry education programs throughout the state. He was the County Extension Agent from 1977 through 1996. Jim said he and Charley recently began discussing training of basic forestry for homeowners associations and groups like Firewise. Topics like wildlife, forest products, equipment, under story and others are pertinent.  A program can be designed especially to meet our needs and goals. Our community might also be interested in forest health, edible forest products and forest ecology.  Four or five workshops could be held at an appropriate frequency and could include a field trip to illustrate lessons.   Knowing soil is the foundation of living in the forest.  Diseases are always present.  Root rot in fir is host dependant.  Most mature trees are susceptible to diseases of some kind. Root rot is managed by removing effected trees and replanting with a non-susceptible species.  Alder, white pine and western red cedar are good choices.

Jim recommended a small book “Where the Wild Huckleberries Grow” which deals with our soils and ecology.

Discussion followed on a possible schedule to conduct workshops with first part of August to coincide with Ice Cream Social as a possibility.  We’d like to plan a community event that will give an opportunity for Jim to share his knowledge.  He will be a very interesting and make a valuable contribution.

Old Business:  First Chipper Day will be Sat., 5/5 from 8am until noon. How much material a person can put out will depend on how many are signed up and the type of material it is.  Bill mentioned Randy suggested opening the stump dump this summer for a weekend and would like Firewise to host.  Our chipper day will be free, but a donation requested if possible.

New Sign for Community:  The research for an LED sign has been done by Ken Weaver and Bob Berger. Bob learned that Daytronics subs out the installation of its signs to local installers and generally cost from $5000 up.  Ken recommended a manufacturer in New York that uses top quality components in their signs (Samsung) and we would install ourselves.  Power supply, CPU, LEDs, Drivers, etc are all replaceable by us if needed.  The sign should function 100-150,000 hours at 20 hours per day (15 years guaranteed, with 10 years of free replacement of elements).  After that LED modules are about $15.

We need to decide: color, size, and options.  Two-sided sign will probably run close to $4000 with permitting.  This number was agreed upon.    Still to be decided is who to approach for partnering on cost. 

New Business:

Charley Burns showed his new hand held ham radio and recommended someone in our group become licensed.  Bill Weed was the only licensed person in past.  A hand held like Charley had can be purchased for approximately $100.00

Charley mentioned State Farm in California is canceling insurance of homeowners whose lots are not cleared 100 ft away from structures.  When a big fire occurs in Western Washington we might see other insurance companies requiring clearing of property.


Firewise Meeting Minutes
Mar 6, 2012
In attendance were Ken Weaver, Charley Burns, George Fisher, Mike Burgwin, Lorna Burgwin, Bob Berger, Donna Hellyer and Bill Sostrich

Financial report – Beginning balance - $4465.16
- deposits -check – non profit renewal - $10
ending balance - $4510.16

Charley Burns and Ken Weaver attended the meeting on Mar the 3rd.  Students from Western Washington University presented a draft of a “Mason County Community Wildfire Protection Plan”.  Communications were a big topic of the discussion.  We need to explore all versions of communications available to our community.  This includes ham radio, cell and Internet for those with access.  Our newsletter is one method we use and should continue to push.

A discussion on the upcoming Firewise chipper event followed.  We decided to move back the first date to May 5th.  The second day will still be June 9th.  George Fisher will present those dates at the Booster Club meeting tomorrow evening.  We will bring Stymacks tree service out to do the chipping.   They had given us two bids.  First was for a half day at $500 and the second was a full day at $800 (plus tax).

Before chipping we will have signups and this way we can coordinate and make best use of the time (and fuel).

Ken Weaver gave us more information on the proposed replacement sign at the Lake Cushman Grocery.  Him and Bob Berger have been doing quite a lot of research on this.  They figure that a 53” wide by 28” high sign would be just about the right size.  All of the discussions have included Mike at the store.  Mike is flexible on whether he keeps the sign current of Firewise does this.  Ken indicated that the signs can be programmed remotely so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Several members feel that Lake Cushman Firewise should assume the primary responsibly for the sign.  We would take donations from the other members of the community, but in the end we would control what went on the sign.

Cost would run about $1600 for a one sided sign.  Another $1000 for the second side.  All felt that two sides were needed.   Permits would run around $500.  Note: the Fire department sign and the Lake Cushman grocery sign would be replace by this new sign.  Mike also indicated that he would be able to do the trenching and would also remove two trees that are currently blocking the signs.

Charley indicated that he would be talking to Jim Freed before our next meeting when Jim will be speaking. 

Feb 7, 2012
Meeting Minutes

Attending: Deanie Sostrich, Donna Hellyer, George Fisher, Bob Berger, Ken Weaver, Bill Sostrich, Charley Burns

Meeting began at 1:30 p.m.

Congratulations to George Fisher for the nice article and picture in the Tacoma Power brochure mailed to all residents.

Treasurer’s report: Ending balance on 1/31 was $4465.16 George Fisher audited the book for 2011 and found all in balance.

Old Business:
Community Sign -- Ken has done a lot of research on project and presented his findings. A sample LED powered sign 5’X 8’ on poles lighted with three lines on one side would be less then $3000. This includes transmitter and is programmable from a remote computer. Fully automated with only seconds to add or delete up to 16 messages at a times. Cost is plus our installation. We could use existing base at Lake Cushman Grocery. Mike, the owner, would also use his electricity and do and manage the messages. In exchange he would have a free permanent position and use. There are no restrictions or permits required. It was proposed the groups share the cost and then be given up to 2 years free use. Other users could be charged a per day fee ($10.00??). After the final presentation by Ken at March meeting we would visit various groups to determine interest. Firewise will be the coordinator of project. Goal would be a summer 2012 install.

Chipper Days: April 21st and June 9th.
Bill needs someone to head up the June 9th project as he will be out of state. Bill needs to contact Stymack for price to provide and operate large chipper.

Jim Freed will be at the April meeting and is looking forward to working on forest stewardship with the community. His workshop could be on native plants, mushrooms or many other topics!

New Business:
Bill talked with Joe Cochran at Fire Dept.  Joe is interested in doing a fire extinguisher training with our group and others or at a community event.  Charley Burns said Mason Co. 5 has a great unit for demo that we might borrow.

Skokomish Park - Bill met with Patrick Palmer the ranger, on January 18th.  He is interested in working with Firewise and will be attending one of our meetings.

There will be a 2 day Firewise workshop at Lake Chelan.  Charley says the deadline to apply is 3/26, but the sooner they know the better.  All Lake Cushman residents are invited to attend this workshop.  George Fisher highly recommends this workshop.  He attended a couple of years ago.  One night’s lodging and breakfast and lunch provided free.  It is Tues & Wed. April 10th and 11th.

It was mentioned that Lake Cushman really needs a qualified Ham radio operator at north end of Lake for emergencies.  Please contact Bill Sostrich if you know of someone that could help his or her community in case of an emergency.

Charley wants a list of our Firewise projects that could be done on short notice.  There may be funds connected to the current Jobs Bill going through the legislature.

Bill went to the Port of Hoodsport meeting last month and after the meeting the Port submitted a Firewise timesheet in the amount of $200,000.  That was their share of the logging of Hoodsport Trail last year. 

Next meeting: March 6th at 1:30 p.m. Donna will conduct meeting, George Fisher will take minutes.  Sostrich’s will be out of town

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Jan 3, 2012
Meeting Minutes

Attending were Donna Hellyer, Bill Sostrich, Deanie Sostrich, Ken Weaver, Bob Berger and George Fisher Treaurer, Donna Hellyer reported 2011 beginning balance of $3,374.99 and ending 12/31/11 at $4,425.84 It was proposed and accepted by group to move our first Tuesday of month meeting to 1:30 pm to allow George Fisher to come from his Shelton meeting.

New business began with Ken Weaver stating that the Lake Cushman covenants verify the Maintenance Company is responsible to maintain the common areas and deal with fire prevention. We need to push for more cooperation and assistance with Firewise. Bill Sostrich, President recommended chipper rental and operation as well as use of Stump Dump. These projects would involve the LCMC’s manager interaction and coordination.  

Donna stated that LCMC office staff is doing a good job “pushing” the volunteer work sheets and stressing cleaning and limbing of brush and trees on homeowners lots.  Each packet given to lot owners for tree cutting includes a time sheet. 

Bill Sostrich reported that we aren’t sure about the actual success of the forms submitted after tree work is done.  He suggested a code at the bottom of the form to indicate where the form was obtained.  This will be done in 2012.

It was suggested we have at least two Community Chipper Days this year.  Bill feels strongly we need to hire a company to do this, with volunteers coordinating and assisting with homeowner education.  We could perhaps offer property assessments on those same days with the involvement of Fire Dept.  It was agreed we needed lots of publicity beforehand. 

Bill will contact Stymax for a bid.  First Chipper day will be Sat. April 21st (lower divisions – Div 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 16, 18) and the second, on June 9 for (upper divisions – Div 1, 2, 3 & 4, 11 & 14.)April date to coordinate with Earth Day and Spring Clean-up activities and to be included in our publicity to residents. George suggested we attempt to involve youth in work parties (including paying for their labor. 4-H?) More discussion followed on how to involve more people in our effort at proactive fire prevention.  Use of education videos showing what happens to Firewise house during a wildfire and what happens to homes not “protected”.

Old Business:  Lake Cushman sign project.  Ken agreed to look more into what type and placement. Would be a great benefit to community. Could be paid for and maintained by a group of community organizations including Fire Dist 18, Firewise, LCMC, Booster Club, Community Connections, Fire Auxiliary, etc. Would we want to sell advertising on sign or have whole sign sponsored by someone?

Deanie brought up the Firewise article in the Journal in December.

Donna verified the LCMC newsletter won’t be mailed until the 2nd or 3rd of May, so won’t included info on our April Chipper Day. It was suggested we try to have a Lake Cushman Community Day that could be hosted by the LCMC, Fire Dept, and Firewise this summer.  George will pursue.  Ken will talk with Fire Department.  This would be in addition to the Ice Cream Social. 


Bill reported that Jim Freed from the Univ of WA has indicated he will be able to attend our February meeting. He will have a tentative plan for managing our forest and will be will to provide future training. He is an expert in healthy forest management and our model will be new plan for communities such as ours.

Meeting adjourned at 3:oo p.m.

Deanie Sostrich, Secretary