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Firewise Meeting Minutes Nov 5, 2013

Meeting began at 1:35 PM

Members attending:  George Fisher, Ken Weaver, Joe Cochran, Bob Berger, Donna Hellyer, Bill Sostrich, Deanie Sostrich

Guest: Charlie Burns, formerly our representative from DNR)

Treasurer, Donna reported an ending balance in our checking on October 31, 2013 of  $3370.50.  Only activity in month was $100 deposit for address markers sold and installed.

Topic #1:  Bill gave Charlie and update on the LED sign, all paid for from community and individual donations of money and labor.  He mentioned the need to check top of sign to make sure cover is in place for winter to prevent water from entering.

Topic #2: Discussed our 2014 events.  We intend to make the Ice Cream Social into a whole community event.  We will invite other groups to participate and provide information.  We will especially invite Fire Dist 18 and DNR to return.  We decided to approve an amount up to $500 to fund the event on the second Saturday in August.  Deanie will contact Oly Mountain Boys Bluegrass group to see if we can book them for entertainment.  Bill will talk to LCMC about having live music in the Division 1 Park for two hours that day.

We discussed how to handle Chipper Days next year.  Since LCMC has a large chipper could we organize an event and then pay them to do the chipping.  We would use a similar plan as this year.  Resident could pile their limbs and branches by the street and the chipping could be done there.  Joe and Ken will talk with Randy and the LCMC.  May 3rd is National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day so we would like our efforts to coincide. 

Topic #3:  Charlie explained the history of burn bans in Mason County.  The goal of DNR is to prevent fires since the public lands (including around Lake Cushman) are difficult to reach with equipment and personnel.  Bill reported on the meeting held with DNR, Fire Dist 18, Security, Blockwatch and LCMC. Conclusion is that a better line of communication will be in place for the 2014 burn ban between July1 and Sept 30. Please refer to handout from Bill.  Other comments at meeting were regarding the enforcement of burn bans and whether law enforcement would step in to write tickets for violations.  Donna commented that Tacoma would note permit beach fires at any time (previously allowed)

Also in an email to Bill: Chuck Frame responded negatively to proposal that Lake Cushman be treated as a “campground” for purposes of approved fire pits.  He indicated they would have to zone out from wildland protection in Dist #18 areas and all responsibility would be responsibility of our fire dept if such a designation were implemented.

Joe proposed and it was agreed upon that better communication to residents and visitors all year, might avoid the problems we experienced in 2013.  It was suggested hand outs be distributed at LCMC along with resident stickers, explaining burn bans in our area.  Could also be featured in May Newsletter. 

Brief discussion followed about taxing of Lake Cushman residents for fire assessment and the apparent random selection of owners.

Charlie brought maps of DNR coverage in Mason County.

It was decided that we would not be having meetings in the next few months.  Our next meeting will be Mar of 2014.

Adjourned 2:45 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Deanie Sostrich, Secretary 


Firewise Meeting Minutes
Oct 1, 2013

Meeting began at 1:40 PM

Please see separate email for contact information for all active members

Bert & Alice Downs, George Fisher, Jim Mitchell, Bob Berger, Joe Cochran, Ken Weaver, Donna Hellyer, Bill & Deanie Sostrich

Financial Report:  Donna Hellyer reported a Sept. 2013 ending balance of $3270.50 with the sub act. for LED sign maintenance holding $138.94 and remaining $3131.56 held in general.  Donna had a few issues with the new bank (Columbia) as they did not want to give out deposit slips or produce a report she has been able to receive in past.  She sent cards to Pat McCormick thanking her for their years of service and sympathy for the loss of Bob after a long illness. 

Overview of 2013
Bill presented a summary of our work this year. 
The LED sign was a major community project.  Residents have been pleased with the extra communication and visibility.  A discussion followed about building a permanent “header” above the sign for Lake Cushman Grocery to eliminate Mike’s current use of two messages.  That would then allow him one message like all other users.  Things to consider:  Maximum height allowance, if it should be designed with a “roof” for snow protection, vendor to create sign and construction of frame.

Chipper Days
held in May was a big success and two openings of the Stump Dump also contributed to general clean up in Lake Cushman.  Ken Weaver commented that a LCMC board member wondered why we couldn’t use the chipper belonging to Maintenance in the future.  We were able to collect lots of time sheets and had dollar equivalency of over $31,000.

Ice Cream Social held in August had lots of support from our fire dept., DNR and a fire extinguisher company rep.  It was suggested that next year we try to make it more of a Community Day and include entertainment so we can draw more residents to the event. 

Looking Forward to 2014           
Joe Cochran presented a proposal (JoeDNR) on the burn ban next year and how to alleviate some of the angst and confusion.  Please read and offer suggestions for changes or improvements. To go forward we need to communicate our goals with LCMC, Security, the Fire Dept., MASCOM and DNR.        

Bert Downs presented a report (BertHealthyForest) on funding opportunities for Firewise in the coming year.  Our priorities are to create a “healthy forest” by cleanup, thinning of green belts, trimming up right of way for firebreaks and increasing homeowner involvement in maintaining their own property.  That document is attached here.  It is important that you give feedback.            Discussion followed about whom to involve in our plans (Tribe, LCMC, Tacoma Power, Lake Cushman Co., and residents).  Also targeting an area with marketable to timber as “seed money”.  Bill and Bert have looked at a couple of local forestry companies to implement.  Also we should get in touch with Evergreen College who did a comprehensive study and Jim Freed with Univ of WA for advice.  

New & Old Business           
Bill reported our annual renewal has been filed with             

Officers elected for next year will be:  Bill Sostrich – President, Ken Weaver – Vice President, Donna Hellyer – Treasurer, Deanie Sostrich – Secretary           

It was decided to have an address marker “promo” to install remaining 40 markers.  It would be a buy one, get one free to donate.  If the person doesn’t have someone to donate the marker to, it will be given to the Fire Department and they can choose the best location.  Group agreed to implement and that information will be included in upcoming LCMC Newsletter.           

Our next meeting will be the first Tuesday in November.  It was decided we wouldn’t have meetings Dec, Jan. or Feb.

Meeting adjourned at 3:15 PM
Respectfully submitted                                                          Deanie Sostrich, Secy.

Firewise Meeting Minutes
Sept 3, 2013 Sept 3, 2013

Meeting began at 1:30 pm with the following in attendance:

 Deanie Sostrich, Bert Downs, Alice Downs, Joe Cochran, Donna Martinsen, Denny Martinsen, Ken Weaver, Donna Hellyer and Bill Sostrich

Welcome to Denny and Donna Martinsen. Hope to see you again!

Treasurer’s report showed an ending balance for 8/31/2013 of $3270.50.

Our October meeting on the first will also serve as the Firewise Annual meeting.  It will be publicized.

First discussion dealt with the DNR burn ban, which has created a lot of discussion and confusion in Lake Cushman.  Contacts to various agencies, including DNR have left more people confusion.  A number of people have just decided to ignore the ban on recreational fires. Part of the problem this year has been that Mason County does not have a fire marshal to give a clear message and enforce the ban.   Dist 18 Fire Chief is not the enforcement agency for the DNR fire ban. 

Future years could see Lake Cushman with a fire unless major focus is put on cutting, limbing up, segregating areas by large fire break (our roads would be a good starting place if they were trimmed to the full 60 ft right of way). LCMC has the basic responsibility for cutting our roads and greenbelts.  Costs of cutting could be offset from the sale of timber that is taken from this process.  Other money might come from Tacoma, as a major fire would totally pollute the lake.  Firewise has discussed this a number of times in previous meetings.

Donna Hellyer reported that home insurance rates have increased because of our high fire risk.  Ken Weaver reported he has heard of an insurer who will offer a 15% discount for homes in Firewise Communities.

Another discussion topic was certification of approved fire pits.  Bill indicated that Firewise primary objective is about educating our Lake Cushman residents.  He suggested putting together an “approved fire pit application”.  Residents would use this form to apply for an approved fire pit.  We would ask DNR to treat Lake Cushman like a “big campground”.  We could have the office distribute the forms when folks picked up their park permit or just visited the office, download for LCMC website, etc. etc.

The completed applications would be sent to DNR.  Once they had collected a number of applications they could do a visit to approve the fire pits.  Or another thought would be to have DNR allow Firewise members to approve fire pits.  We could take pictures and supply the completed applications to DNR.

Ken suggested that at the time we approved fire pits we could provide the homeowner a Firewise home assessment. 

We also need to make sure we publish an article in next LCMC newsletter about what a safe fire pit should be.

Our immediate action plan should be to get DNR on board with our ideas.  We need to talk to the LCMC Board, Fire Commissioners and Lake Cushman Security with our ideas.

Bill suggested we include three basic goals for this next year.  First, work on getting the Fire Pit rules changed with DNR.  Second, finish the Evacuation Plan that we started several years ago.  Areas in all of the lower divisions still need to be completed.  Third, seek funding for Firewise from all of our sources.  That includes LCMC, Grants (including the Skokomish Tribe), Tacoma Power.

Bill asked Joe & Ken to work on a plan on the fire pits and get with DNR and see if we can move forward on these ideas.  Once DNR is acceptable, work with the LCMC (Security & Board) and the Fire District 18 to finalize the plan for fire pit approval.

Bill also asked Bert and Denny if they would help in putting together a plan to seek funding from the various sources.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45pm.

Firewise Meeting Minutes
Aug 6, 2013
Meeting began at 1:40 pm

The following members were present: Donna Hellyer, Deanie Sostrich, Bert Downs, Alice Downs, Joe Cochran, George Fisher, Bob Berger, Ken Weaver and Bill Sostrich

Treasurer’s Report: Balance, as 7/31 was $3355.95. Latest event the Ice Cream Social net cost of $112.12. (Note: $45.00 will be deducted from that amount after the remaining ice cream is sold in August).

Donna also commented the circuit board for LED sign was replaced under warranty. Firewise paid the shipping to return the defective circuit board in amount of $4.31.

General business: Review of Ice Cream Social and some changes for 2014 suggested. 1. Return to Fire Station location. 2. Publicize in spring issue of LCMC Newsletter. 3. Get better signage. 4. Buy bowls and spoons, not just cones for serving. 5. Secure donations for raffles. Joe Cochran suggested looking into floatplane rides to see Lake Cushman. He will check into. 6. Better advance planning. 7. Hold event in July.

Discussion of LED sign, particularly the character of Lake Cushman Grocery messages. It was decided he has the right to display any advertisement as long as it falls within State parameters for use on scenic highway. Bill said he would continue to work with the wording and display so community messages are better seen with a goal of 2/3 of space and time.

Last discussion centered on statewide burn ban by Dept of Natural Resources. Different rules apply to Federal lands and Tribal lands, but it behooves all to do everything possible to avoid wildfire. Bill will post article on wildfires in Arizona featured in the Nature Conservancy magazine. Selective logging and controlled burns are most of the effort, plus clean up of downed wood and debris.

Ken Weaver said he has met the new Ranger at Skokomish Park, Willie. He is interested in working with Fire Dept and perhaps us to help protect lake, fish and forest. Tribe has ample funding and access to more grants than other entities.

George Fisher commented that Tacoma is offering a tour of the dam on Lake Kokanee at 1:30 pm on 8/7 so public can see the changes made for the fish hatchery.

Drawings were held at meeting for the Ice Cream Social raffle prizes. Sue Creed won the turned ambrosia maple bowl. Barb Phillip won the carbon monoxide monitor and Tom Triebel on the 72 hr emergency supply backpack.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm
Firewise Meeting Minutes
July 2, 2013

Meeting opened at 1:30 pm at LCMC

Attendance: Bob Berger, Ken Weaver, Bill Sostrich, Donna Hellyer, George Fisher, Pat McComick, Bob McCormick, Betty Widing, Joe Cochran, Deanie Sostrich

Treasurer’s Report by Donna:  We have an ending June balance of $3315.95, with a balance of $143.27 in the LED Sign account.  We have not transferred any money from the general account so far, as we received a $100 donation in May designated specifically for sign maintenance.  Donna has sent thank you letters to Bill Hiell for his large donation and labor toward sign and to Dave Klutz for his donation to future maintenance of sign.  She also reported we netted $260.00 for our Chipper Days in May.

Lake Cushman Fire Danger:  Bill S. Pres. talked about the Colorado fires he had witnessed in June and described the way they seemed to burn.  An AARP group had actually done a Firewise project in the Black Forest area of Colorado Springs one month before the fire that destroyed over 500 homes began.  He expressed desire for our roadways to be cut back and limbed up in order to isolate pockets and help prevent a devastating fire in Lake Cushman.  Betty Widing asked if we couldn’t enlist a team composed of DNR, Tribe, Fire Dept., Firewise and LCMC to secure agreement and plan a strategy for mitigating the very real problem in our densely overgrown area.

Fire Ban: Ken announced that Fire Ban order was being instituted today and signs were up in community.  Burning will be allowed in approved fire pits only.  A discussion followed on what an approved fire pit should look like and Donna passed out pamphlets from LCMC office by DNR.  Note: As of this date, DNR had issued a burn ban on its properties.   Mason Co. has not yet issued a ban.

Ice Cream Social: August 3 at Division 1 Park from noon to 3 pm or 1 to 3 pm.  We have permit for gazebo.  Deanie will talk with Olympic Mtn. Ice Cream to see if they will give us at discount like in 2012.  We expect around 100 people.  It was suggested Firefighters Association or Fire Auxiliary might want to sell hot dogs.  That will be confirmed in the next week and reported via e mail to members.  We also hope to have a fire extinguisher demonstration hopefully by company in Lacey.  Bill will talk with them.  Also it was suggested we have a model of an approved fire pit and Joe will call Olympic Stove in Hoodsport.  Jane Potter from DNR has said she can bring a “fire safe” home model.  It is hoped the Fire Dept., can be present with a unit and perform blood pressure checks.  Ken will check to see if Fire Dept. has any items for kids as “handouts”.  We have lots of brochures on hand, but would like many of the “DNR Approved Fire Pit” handouts.  We will raffle the Dale Zimmerman turned wooden jar and 2 or 3 Safety products also.  Flyers with pictures will be printed and distributed beginning at least 2 weeks prior to event.  Bill and Deanie will make those.  We will need volunteers to help at event and will call everyone.  Costs will be estimated when we have an ice cream price.

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 PM

Respectfully submitted
Deanie Sostrich, Secretary

Firewise Meeting Minutes
May 7, 2013

Meeting began at 1:35 pm.

In attendance:  Pat & Bob McCormick, Bill & Deanie Sostrich, Jason Kirkpatrick, Bob Berger, Lorna Burgwin, Ken Weaver and Donna Hellyer.

Treasurer, Donna reported we collected for our Chipper Days, $542.00; Expenses were $357.34 with a net of $184.66. yes">  Two individuals have not made a donation yet.

Our balance in LED sign account is $43.77

Our Firewise account Balance as of 4/30 was $2843.52

Old Business:  Bill and others reported on the success of our community effort and complimented the following volunteers who made the event possible: Larry, Lorna, Jane, Bert, Alice Donna Bill, Jason, Ken, Bob B and Jim.  It was hot and everyone worked really hard.  Jason and Bill were on duty all day both Saturday and Sunday.

During discussion that followed we discussed what was right and what wrong and some ideas of how to handle in 2014.  We also all agreed that it will be very important for all of Lake Cushman to get the LCMC involved in budgeting dollars for green belts.  Nothing has been done since 2001 and they are a hazard to whole of our community.  Pat raised question of how to deal with neighbors whose overgrown lots present a hazard to others.  Our emphasis in future needs to be on correcting hazards first!

LED sign.  Mike at store has put in 3 pipes that have a concrete base.  We still need to put tubes filled with concrete around those pipes and probably a block barrier for extra protection.  This needs to be addressed ASAP before someone runs into sign.  We don’t have enough money left to do this and since Mike had to spend $300 on his own light, he probably won’t contribute more.  All inspections are complete on sign. Messages are still being “tweaked”, but making progress.  Discussed was how to increase visibility and readability. Dave Clute will manage LED message from 5/22 through 6/22 while Bill is gone.  Fire Dept. needs to email Bill in meantime if they have messages to post.

Ice Cream Social:  Will be held 8/3/13 at Division 1 Park and Gazebo.  Event has been reserved with LCMC.  We will have a fire extinguisher demo and company will bring different kinds of extinguishers that homeowners can purchase. DNR rep will bring a model of Firewise property.  We decided a fundraiser of hot dogs, chips and soda for $3.00 with free Olympic Mountain ice cream for dessert might be appropriate.

Ken was asked to call Fire Dist. 1 to see if they are still interested in purchasing our leftover address markers (approximately 38).

We voted to transfer $100.00 from Firewise main checking to LED sign to complete cement work.  We need to raise money for on going maintenance of sign.

Meeting adjourned 2:45 pm

Respectfully submitted, Deanie Sostrich, Secretary

Firewise Meeting Minutess
Apr 2, 2013

Meeting at LCMC meeting room began at 1:35 pm

Attending were: Bob Berger, Jason Kirkpatrick, Larry Krueger, Ken Weaver, Jan Potter (DNR), Donna Hellyer, John Gillespie,Bert Downs, Mike Burgwin, George Fisher, Bill and Deanie Sostrich

Treasurer’s report was distributed:  balance of $3047.87, with $273.85 remaining in the Community sign fund and $2773.02 in general fund.  Report was approved as submitted.

Report on LED sign (Ken Weaver):  Last Friday 31 bags of concrete was mixed and  poured for the post.  Bill Heil will perform all the electrical work.  He has personally paid for L&I permit, wire and electrical panel.  The poll that the signs will be mounted on has had straps welded and has been painted.  On Wednesday the trench will be dug for the conduit.  We will hire Lloyd Mott to use his trencher.  The electrical line has to be a minimum of 18” deep.  We will need to make or purchase permanent barriers to protect pole once it is installed.  When we are ready to erect the poll, Dave Stevens will bring his backhoe to lift it into place.

Report on Chipper Days:  May 4th & 5th.  More sign-ups will be solicited at Booster Club.  We have 18 houses so far.  Jason will contact Gateway about rental and reservation of chipper.   We will as a $15 donation per 4x4x8’ pile. 

On this subject Ken reported Fire Dept. has already had 3 wildfire calls this year in Mason County.  Bill reported he had submitted an article for the LCMC Newsletter on fire safety and preparedness for homeowners.  Mason County in conjunction with the Dept. of Emergency Management will conduct a CERT program on June 7 & 8 and June 14 & 15.  Topics will be small fire suppression, preparedness, first aid, CPR, search and rescue and other topics.  Joe Cochran stated it would be very valuable for our members to attend.

Summer Ice Cream Social:  It was decided we would have the event on August 3rd at Division One Park.  This year we would like to involve the Fire Dept with hopefully and Aid Car and truck.  It was suggested that Joe give demonstrations on fire extinguisher use.  We could also show how to build a safe fire pit.  Jane, from DNR volunteered to bring a model to set up that shows a Firewise property and fire-prone property.  She could bring Smokey Bear items for the children.  Jason will talk to the Firefighter’s Association about their involvement. 

Bill once again brought up the need to sell the 38 address markers still on hand.  If sold we would increase our treasury by $900, which is sorely needed.

George Fisher mentioned the booms installed across the lake by Tacoma Power.  They are debris traps and will help protect the fish from the hatchery.  Presently they extend all the way across lake, but in summer will be on both sides with an opening in center of lake for boat traffic.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted.
Deanie Sostrich, Secretary

Firewise Meeting Minutes
Mar 5, 2013

Meeting called to order at 1:30 PM.

Thirteen members attending including Jane Potter representing DNR.

Donna Hellyer gave the Treasurer’s report for February.  End of month total balance was $3347.72 with $612.70 of that amount reserved for LED sign expenses.  George Fisher audited the records for 2012 and reported all correct. Pat McCormick asked when member dues were to be paid.  Bill stated membership runs calendar year, but people pay all through the year.  A list was passed and several at table paid the $5.00 amount.

Discussion and update followed on the Community sign project. Ken Weaver reported that we have the permit, the post and the sign.  He and Bob Berger purchased some hardware and rebar.  We still need to purchase angle iron in Gorst that will cost $6.25 plus cutting and tax per foot.  We need 20 ft.  We also need to purchase cement.  By vote we authorized a check in amount of $200.00 made out to Ken for the remaining supplies. 

Receipts and remainder are to be returned to Treasury. 

Bill Sostrich will contact county to see what inspections are needed as it wasn’t clear on permit.

Bill Heil will perform all the electrical work and take care of any needed supplies and the L & I permit as a contribution to Firewise.

 When sign is in operation in a month or so, Dave Klutz has volunteered to help with changing messages. 

 Second discussion involved the Evacuation Plan.  Bill Sostrich stated it was his goal to complete that plan in 2013.  He has been working with county supplied shape files.  This provides a template of the Lake Cushman area.  A mapping software available from ArcGIS will provide Internet access to the maps. 

We showed a sample area Bill has developed and it seems it will be very helpful in completing an accurate picture of Lake Cushman properties.  This picture can provide information that shows Firewise data as well as structure data.  In other words we can input the Firewise timesheets to show the areas of Lake Cushman that have been practicing Firewise methods.

Donna has surveyed Division 5 for Block Watch and for Firewise.  Bill will use her information to incorporate in information available through the other sources. 

The Emergency Evacuation Plan Firewise is developing will be used by emergency responders coming to Lake Cushman during an emergency.  A slighty different document needs to be developed for our residents.  That would include a simply map of the evac route from their area and potential gathering spots.

Ken talked about who responds in the event of a wildfire.  DNR deals with “wildlands” only.  They would try to suppress and control the fire on wildlands Depending on location they would also be coordinating with the National Forest and National Park teams. Our fire department would only deal with trying to protect structures if our properties were threatened. Fire responders need to know about hydrants, water fill and defensible spaces. Priorities are #1 LIFE  #2 PROPERTY.  Staging for Lake Cushman is the Dist 18 Fire Station and Dist 1 Fire Station.

Bill researched Emergency Evacuation Signs and learned that a simple aluminum 10x14” sign will cost about $31.00.  We might pursue with LCMC for best locations and assistance with cost.  It was mentioned by several people how easy it is to get turned around and lost in the dark in some of our divisions.  Donna and others brought up how outstanding response time is from our fire dept. 

Third topic of meeting dealt with the Community Chipper days.  It was decided to hold the event on May 4th and 5th.  We will rent a 5-inch chipper and Jason Kirkpatrick will operate the chipper.  He also volunteered his son to assist.  Other members will also assist. It will cost $160.00 per day.  After discussion it was decided we would ask for a minimum donation of $15 per 4X4X8 foot pile limbs and cuttings.  We would pick up on Friday and return on Monday morning if the rental store charges for only 2 days.  We would sign up a maximum of 40 homes for two days.  Also important to know how much each house will have stacked at curb for our teams.  Lorna Burgwin will talk about the program at Booster Club on Wednesday evening and begin taking names.

Jane reported that it is unlikely any grant money will be available.  Any money awarded will probably go to Eastern Washington as the need is considered to be greater there. She will keep our group before the lead Grant person though. Bill reminded group that the LCMC put $5,000 in budget this year to do some work in green belts.  Nothing has been done since 2001 and these common areas could be a major threat to homes under wrong weather conditions.  We should also approach the UADA and the Skokomish Tribe since their lands border ours.  Ken pointed out that the Bureau of Indian Affairs has been involved in the settlement with the Tribe and therefore might be a source of assistance..

Would the Port of Hoodsport be interested in helping us since part of the logged Hoodsport Trail backs up to our properties?

Jane said there are 17 Firewise communities in the 4 counties she deals with

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted.
Deanie Sostrich, Secretary


Firewise Meeting Minutes
Feb 5, 2013
LCMC meeting room 1:30 PM

Attending: Donna Hellyer, Pat McCormick, Bob McCormick, John Gillepsie, Bert Downs, Alice Downs, Jason Kirkpatrick (representing the Fire Dept), George Fisher, Bob Berger, Ken Weaver, Mike Burgwin, Deanie Sostrich and Bill Sostrich

Agenda provided by President Bill S.

1. Treasurer’s Report: Donna summarized 2012 Sign donations and expenses. Total donations were $5525.00 Total expenses $4564.80 Balance $960.20 to used to complete project with any remaining for maintenance. Firewise Council balance, as of 12/31/2012 was $2700.02.

2. Bill reported he has filed the renewal for our non-profit statues with WA State. He will file Federal tax report this month.

3. LED Sign. Ken reported the sign is in his garage and awaiting installation. It will be 2-sided, but since the company was able to “cut” a billboard type sign in half and place back to back we didn’t have the extra cost of normal two-sided LED sign.

Allen Tajha completed the engineering documents for Mason County thereby saving us at least $378.00. It was decided after discussion to purchase a $50 restaurant gift certificate as a thank you for the many hours of work done by Allen.  We will pay the permitting fees when we have the final approval and permit (hopefully by the end of this week).  We will then need an L.&I. Permit. Bill Geil (who is a licensed electrician) will do the wiring for us.  He will also be donating his time. Bob Mischell will do the cutting and welding of the steel signpost. Mike Miller (LC Grocery owner) will do the trenching and back fill. Lois (with Community Connections) has indicated her husband Dave will help Bill when needed, with the computer updating. The two old signs in front of the store will be removed.

Bill mentioned that because the sign company included a router with sign, changes could be done via laptop in the parking lot of the store without having to always use Mike’s computer.

4. Summary of Address Marker installation was included on the agenda passed around to the members. Helpful because it shows where we need to target for more placement. We have 38 remaining markers. The more divisions that have coverage, the more helpful it is for the Fire Dept.

5. Emergency Evacuation Plan needs to be completed this year. The process is straightforward. All that is needed is each lot with a dwelling unit to be marked on a division map, including type of roof. There is also a summary assessment for each area/or division that involves placement of roads, access, and terrain.

It was also suggested that we donate a few address markers to LCMC to use as emergency evacuation markers. Deanie will give Mike Burgwin a proposal to submit at next meeting. Ken told us the evacuation staging areas in an emergency for people needing assistance are Big Creek campground and Foothills Park. Donna reported Block Watch has performed a house- by- house assessment and knows all the homes where someone might need help in an emergency.  Firewise will be given a copy of the maps Blockwatch has created from that survey.

6. Ready Set Go Program. Bill included a description of the program on the agenda. The program brings together federal land management agencies, national organizations, state and local entities to create community-wide organization for withstanding devastating wildfires. 

There is also a grant program associated with this effort. Some steps for Firewise are to contact Jane Potter with DNR again to see what cash assistance for fuel reduction might be available in 2013. Evergreen College has done extensive work in assessing Mason County so could be a good resource. Also Marty Best, with Dept of Emergency Management might be able to help.

We discussed Chipper Days for 2013. Jason Kirkpatrick volunteered to run the chipper so we could rent it for a couple of days, sign up more households and not exhaust our crew as we did last year. Probably May would be good time for this project. It was requested and approved to let Community Connections borrow our information boxes to advertise their upcoming Bingo night.

Adjourned meeting at 2:30. Respectfully submitted, Deanie
Deanie Sostrich,