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Firewise Meeting Minutes
Nov 4, 2014
(at the LC Golf Course Club House)

Meeting called to order at 1:30 pm

Attending were: Lorna Burgwin, Donna Hellyer, Alice Downs, Bert Downs, Carl Parker, Bob Berger, Betty Widing, George Fisher, Ken Weaver, Joe Cochran, Lois Jerden, Deanie Sostrich, Bill Sostrich

Treasurer’s Report:  September 2014 – no activity.  October, 2014, ending balance of 3744.14,  with LED light hold of $138.94 unchanged and $43 in donations received from the Stump Dump on Sept 27 &28th.

Betty Widing suggested Firewise take over responsibility of running the Stump Dump and perhaps opening 3 times per season with chipping being done at least once.  Ken Weaver pointed out that in the future burning by homeowners would be more and more restricted.  Individuals will be forced to chip their own green matter.  Bill Sostrich said he would talk with Randy at LCMC to find out what their plans are regarding the stump dump in 2015.  Carl Parker asked how Firewise might be able to assist if we have a wind storm with a lot of down trees and limbs this winter.  He has large chain saw and would help.

Bill talked about the mapping he is doing with the QGIS on-line tool.  This tool will be used in completing the Evacuation Plan that is to be used in case of an major wildfire in the Lake Cushman area. 

It has come to our attention that Blockwatch could also use this mapping program to help the Sheriff locate properties as well.  Blockwatch is currently working on updating the maps in which they indicate folks that might need assistance and this tool could be used as a way to show the address of that person.

Ken stressed how important it is for responders to know where staging areas are and routes of neighborhoods.

A very important part of any plan will be the Evacuation Routes.  Bill asked Betty if she would be willing to talk with Tim Sheldon about Potlatch Cushman Rd.

Ken will get in touch with D.E.M. to make them aware of our situation and get their input. 

Donna Hellyer reminded us of the importance of “evacuation route” signs to Hwy 119 for the neighborhoods. 

Bill indicated that he has talked with Dave Curly (President of LCMC) and in that talk it became aparant that we would could use a secondary type of Evacuation Plan for our residents.  This would be a one page (data on front and back) for every resident to post at home with instructions for evacuation and a map of the route. Bill asked Alice Downs if should could  assist with creation of that flyer.

Joe Cochran will talk to Willie at the Skokomish Park about access to their road from Div.4 to the Park in the event of a disaster.

Address markers:  We only have a few and we have 5 people who have requested the last ones.  So far have not been able to reach those people.  They signed up for marker at the Stump Dump.  Bill mentioned how expensive numbers are, as we have to purchase 25 of each at a time.

Bill announced no meetings until February 2015.  Be thinking about next year’s projects

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Deanie Sostrich, Secretary

Firewise Meeting Minutes
Sept 3, 2014

Meeting opened at 1:40 pm

Present were: Bert & Alice Downs, Donna Hellyer, Lorna Burgwin, Mike Manoff, Betty Widing, Ken Weaver, Bob Berger, Lois Jerden, Deanie Sostrich, Bill Sostrich & George Fisher

Treasurer reported an August ending balance of $3701.14 which included $138.94 in LED sign balance.  Ice Cream Social total net cost after donations was $437.00.  It was also mentioned that our LED sign has been very reliable, but even one circuit board replacement would cost more than $200.

First topic was a brief summary of the Ice Cream Social and whether we as a group reach community with awareness and education by such an event.

Next item discussed was Bill’s concern that all the controversy over the Burn Ban by a few individuals is negatively impacting Firewise as we are associated with distributing information about DNR Ban.  Ken talked about the Fire Departments reluctance to issue tickets for violations and also the Sheriff’s Deputy Refusal to be involved to any extent.  Donna reported than when someone called 911 about a campfire they were given incorrect information.  Unfortunately, all regulation and enforcement should come through DNR, but they are understaffed and all were involved in the Eastern Washington fires. Prior year’s follow up by that agency in our area was a big help in eliminating violations.  Ken said that since Mason County has no Fire Marshall per decision of County Commissioners, things have deteriorated into confusion among all the other Fire Dept. And they all act on their own regarding Burn Ban.

It was decided we need to go before County Commissioners to get enforcement at Lake Cushman.  Betty Widing said she would be willing to do that.  Also Mike Manoff suggested we approach LCMC to get a regulation passed similar to Fireworks Ban.  Then we could issue fines internally through our Security.  All felt we should pursue that line for next years summer season.

Deanie suggested we have more information available early in summer to promote Propane fire pits and barbecues and lamps.  People don’t have to give up their campfires if they use propane.

We need to think about our focus and projects for 2015.  Will we expand our assessments?  What about fundraisers?  We need to make sure we distribute useful information to our residents.  Ken said that in his discussion with Chief Mott, the Chief has indicated the LED sign has been a big help in informing the community.

Bill showed a DVD narrated by Jack Cohan, a Research Physical Fire Scientist with the USDA Forest Service. titled Wildfire – Preventing Home Ignitions.       Jack explains the research that has given insight into what homeowners can do to protect their homes during a wildfire event.   He debunks many of the misconceptions that wildfire behaves like a landslide or a tsunami.  A Wildfire (or any fire) requires fuel, heat and oxygen to continue to spread.  If we as homeowners can eliminate any one, then the fire will be extinguished. 

In the film, Jack presents the simple steps that  homeowners can take to prevent the loss of their home.  But these steps must be proactive, ahead of an actual wildfire.  During any major Wildfire, fire brands (small embers released from the burning trees) will inundate the area.  They can accumulate and if the proper precautions (clean roof, remove needles under deck, etc, etc) have not been followed may be he reason your home does not survive the Wildfire. 

Bottom line is the simple steps we, as homeowners can do in the “Home Ignition Zone” (defined as a limited fuel area some 30 to 100 ft. around a home) can make a difference!

Our next scheduled meeting will be the first Tuesday of November.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Deanie Sostrich

Firewise Meeting Minutes
Aug 5, 2014

Meeting began at 1:30 pm in the conference room of the LCMC building.

Attending were: Donna Hellyer, Ken Weaver, Bob Berger, Joe Cochran, Lois Casto Lois Jerden, George Fisher, Bill Sostrich, Deanie Sostrich

Treasurer Donna reported an ending balance for July of $3,999.50.

Minutes from July meeting were distributed and approved.

Preparations for the Ice Cream Social to be held August 9th were reviewed. 

Debbie Kilkup created a very nice Ila’s food basket for a raffle prize.  Lois Jerden also did a nice Scentsy basket for raffle. Thanks very much to these folks.

Supply of educational handouts is dwindling, but we will have enough for this event.  Some new items would be helpful, but the NFPA and DNR don’t have as many brochures as in the past. 

Joe made “burma shave” style signs out of large boards.  He painted and lettered them on both sides.  He will put them up on Friday and take down after the event.  It would be good to put these up occasionally on weekends when there is a lot of traffic, to call attention to fire danger and Firewise.

Bill used our new projector to show the Fire Hazard Assesment form for Homeowners.  It was agreed we need to encourage a lot more people to participate in an assessment as even doing a few things can go a long way in making houses less vulnerable to wildfire.  Some members have never done an assessment and we should make sure we all can do them correctly to be the most effective. 

Bill said where there is a big emphasis on preventing fire from intruding into a structure, the outcome is changed and the home is saved.  National Georgraphic did an article on a wildfire in Escondido, California that illustrated clearly how fires are diverted and how they intrude.

Some very simple things that can be done around homes that have been shown to protect the home during a wildfire:

  1. Open eves need small mesh (<1/4”) screens covering all vents
  2. The same quality mesh should be applied to the vents around your foundation.
  3. Sidings can be very fire resistant (for example T111 and Hardi plank).  There is also a spray fire retardent that Joe talked about.  It can be washed off easily after fire danger has passed. 
  4. 30ft cleared around homes is very important (defensive space).
  5. Firewood must be moved away from house.  Even a tarp over a wood stack can be helpful in preventing embers from getting into wood. 
  6. Decks and fences are problematic if connected to house.  They must be cleaned and maintained.
  7. Clean gutters as embers can collect there during a wildfire.

Bill used pictures he had taken at a recent Homeowner assessment in Lake Cushman to show some things that can be a problem.    Houses with no defensive space are at the biggest risk.  For example, some of the houses on our golf course are very close together.  A fire starting in one creates the fuel and heat for the one right next door.  This could allow the fire to travel from one to the next.

 If people get familiar with our assessment form they might be able to identify even a few things they could make improvements on, even if some things can’t be changed.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 PMPM

Respectfully submitted,

Deanie Sostrich, Secretary

Firewise Meeting Minutes
July 1, 2014

Called to order by Bill S., President

Attending:  Ken Weaver, Joe Cochran, Lois Jerden, George Fisher, Deanie Sostrich and Bill Sostrich

Treasurers Report:

Ice Cream Social Deanie:  Inquired about more shirt orders and extras.  Determined we would charge only for “extras”  ordered,  not a shirt or hat or shirt to regular members.  Also applies to other regular members not attending today.

Alice Downs made flyers for Ice Cream Social and placed in all our boxes. They look really nice.  We will promote heavily on LED sign one week ahead and put up signs on road evening prior or day of event.  Having Victoria (in Hoodsport)making signs for us at $10 each . Decided to have her make 3 or 4.

Discussion and questions:  George also mentioned arrow signs.  We will make ourselves and will need quite a few.  Joe came up with some “burma shave style” sayings that can be used anytime for Firewise reminders.  George mentioned letters need to be about 4 inches high to be seen by drivers.  Evelyn Larson suggested simple: “ I Scream…..You Scream…..Ice Cream”.  Ken said we should have quite a few arrow signs.  Also suggested we should “put it at the bear”.  Where is that?  Joe will make the “burma shave” signs before Aug 9th.

Costs for Social should remain at $500 total or perhaps a little less, to include supplies, ice cream, permits, park rental, and band

Bill reported that he, Russ Sage, Randy. Bert Downs, Joe Cochran and Dave Curley met with Ben Carlson and Jessie Bloomfield (Foresters with Forest Management Solutions) to discuss a cooperative project to work on green belts.  Jessie at one point suggested an entire community tree cutting time.  Dave indicated that the LCMC wouldn’t be interested in that as it might lead to more tree cutting than we would like to see.   Bill did indicate that Firewise might be receptive of that type of a project based on a division at a time.   A project like this would have to be planned by the foresters ahead of time with only the danger or diseased trees on individual lots included in such a project.  These trees could be used to help pay for the project.

The Forresters presented had some good information to the LCMC and thought that their real strength would be in creating a long term “forest management” plan and aid the LCMC in getting permits through either DNR or Mason County.  One really important item might be a Surveyor to determine lot boundaries and green belts.  It was mentioned that several people present have concrete markers on their property.  What are these?  Not necessarily lot lines.  Have been placed when developed for water  and other boudnry indications.

 Ken mentioned again that Evergreen State College has a Western Washington survey  where fire red zones are and aerial views showing where forest needs to be thinned.  Over 10 yr period the Lake Cushman area has been surveyed somewhat for fire danger.  Our area is all light red or red.  Main problem is no way to evacuate easily via road and also percentage of senior population. Also our dense forest with not even adequate road and street cleared space. Since this has already been completed we need to use the information as it is available to the public.

George stressed how critical adequate evacuation plans be made and how difficult it is to get people concerned enough to be willing to really clear trees enough for safety.  Most residents are adamant about not removing any trees because the trees are why they live here.  As Bill stated even our golf course homes are at danger because they are close together.  Winds from big fires will blows embers over the entire community.

Many people live here and yet are pretty isolated from their neighbors.  Getting information out quickly is very difficult. Many people don’t even know the streets near them very well.  Our previous events with fire and slides have shown how people don’t know what to do. Bill talked to Senator Tim Sheldon about the Potlatch Cushman Rd.  Mr. Sheldon told him that most of the road we have always assumed was on his property,  is actually Shelton City land.   His portion is only the lower portion.

Per Jane Potter, she is fulltime dispatcher for DNR now and can not be directly involved with Firewise.  Bill talked to Charlie Burns to request DNR presence at our Ice Cream Social and Charlie said he would “put on the list”.  Bottom line is DNR is stretched really thin.  All the Eastern WA fires are making that a lot worse.  Also Fireworks are illegal everywhere per DNR.  Only legal on Reservation. 

Bill has worked some on Div. 1 Evac Plan.

Also new projector arrived yesterday.    Bill says he wants members to take a look at mapping program and will bring to next meeting.  George indicated that our members  do some property assessments with pictures, so we can show to homeowners in a group setting. Spacing and limbing up are really important for our areas and the illustrations help make it real. 

We had a discussion on some of the challenges with Lake Cushman and our fire danger.  The very real need we have to thin our area from the vast amount of fuel that we have.  Dow Mountain that would be a major contributor of embers during the case of a wildfire.  We have a uphill battle with some in our neighborhood who do not see the benefit of removing some of our fuel.  They prefer ascetics over fire safety.  This will be where our Firewise education comes into place.

We are not able to directly apply for grants as the grant opportunity have been moved from the National Fire Plan to FEMA.  Evelyn has learned that now we cannot directly apply for grants.  We can not be the first applicant on the grant, but we can be a secondary applicant.   Only government and tribes can be the first applicant.   So we are getting in touch with the tribe and plan on contacting Mason County as well.

There was some discussion about the installation of license plate cameras on the sign.  This is a Blockwatch project and we (Firewise) will not be participating in the installation or monitoring of any cameras placed on the sign.  Blockwatch must insure that the cameras are not obvious to the community and that this will not be liabilty to the sign (by the camera becoming a target!).

Meeting was adjourned at 2:35pm

Firewise Meeting Minutes
June 3, 2014

Meeting held at LCMC at 1:30 pm

Attending were Lois Casto, Bob Berger, Ken Weaver, Donna Hellyer, Joe Cochran, Lois Jerden, Evelyn Larsen, George Fisher, Deanie Sostrich and Bill Sostrich

Bill introduced guests and hopefully new members Lois Casto and Evelyn Larsen.

Donna Hellyer, Treasurer reported that we had a beginning May balance of $3,849.03 and an ending balance of $4216.89.    Our Chipper Days project netted a profit of $416.36 thanks largely to donation of $300.00 by the LCMC for the chipper rental.  The chipping machine cost $337.28 for two days.  We received donations from homeowners in the amount of $525.00

Bill reported on the Stump Dump which was open for three days.  Discussion centered around future use when burning may be prohibited entirely.  Chipping could be conducted there for most of the green materials residents bring.

We have wrapped up the Address Marker Program.  We have 7 markers remaining, but at least 4 of those were donated to Fire Dept.  Chief Mott needs to designate neighborhoods where the crews have a hard time locating houses on medical calls.

A discussion followed about the August 9th Ice Cream Social in Division 1 Park.  We have a budget of $500.00 to pay the Bluegrass group Me and the Boys ($300), ice cream and supplies.  Bill asked about having 2 permanent signs made and several large arrows.  We will ask Alice Downs to research costs and she will also create flyers for boxes.  Final decisions to be made at July meeting.  George and Evelyn will suggest some eye-catching “Burma Shave” savings to post along Hwy 19.

Evelyn Larsen has a background in grant writing.  She has agreed to help us with the complicated process of securing funds to address our over-grown greenbelts and roads.  Bill mentioned we should contact Ben Carlsen who is a forrester and has worked for the Skokomish Trib project.  Evelyn indicated we need to have a meeting of interested parties so we have a plan and way forward.  Ken indicated that the work Evergreen College did could be very helpful and also Marty Best, of the Mason Co. Dept of Emergency Mgt.   Grants as Evelyn has been looking into can be up to$300,000. The wildfire danger facing Lake Cushman needs to be addressed and our focus needs to be in that direction.

Bill and Joe continue to work toward and final Evacuation Plan for responders to disasters in Lake Cushman.  Area logically divides into 6 parcels and the gis program Bill is using gives a great deal of information on each lot.  The Evac plan will have two parts.  One for the Firefighters (a more extensive plan) and a more simple plan that includes evac routes for homeowners/renters. 

We discussed property assessments and Bill encouraged everyone to use the one page form to evaluate their own property and their neighbors.  He also explained that each property is to be rated on 6 areas of hazzards.  He has received calls from several people requesting this service.

Last topic of discussion was a request from Bill to purchase a projector for use by our groups and when other community groups are addressed.  Would make information much more easily understood.  George Fisher made a motion that we spend up to $200.00 for a projector.  The motion passed by a voice vote.

We adjourned at 2:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Deanie Sostrich


Firewise Meeting Minutes
May 6, 2014


Meeting called to order at 1:35 pm

Attending were: Deanie & Bill Sostrich, Alice & Bert Downs, Lois Jerden, Joe Cochran, Bob Berger, Donna Hellyer and guests Carl Parker from Kiwanis and Willy Grahan from the Skokomish Park.

Bill introduced Willy Graham who has been the Park Ranger at Skokomish Park since July, 2013. Willy came from   Coleville, WA where he worked in law enforcement for 25 years.  He has also been a volunteer firefighter for 30 years.  He invited everyone to the Lake Cushman resident Open House at the Park on 5/10 and 5/11.  He talked about some the work his crew is doing.  They have hauled about 100 dump trucks of debris out.  They have had selective thinning of timber and are creating a staging/parking area for future work.  They are also in the process of upgrading all of the camp fire pits.  The new pits will have metal rings and be surrounded by gravel.

Bill reported that he and Bert had a good meeting with Willy, Karen (park mgr.) and Peter Robb – Project Manager with the Skokomish Tribe about possible cooperation with Firewise in the future.  They also briefly talked with David Owens – CEO of the Casino.  The Tribe seems to be very interested in that mutual benefit that we might gain.

Re-cap of May 3rd Chipper Day.  We rented a brand new 6” chipper from Lew West Rents on Mud Bay.  The total cost was $168.00.  We chipped at 15 lots.  Big thanks to Carl Parker & Lloyd Mott who helped all day and Dick Blewett who was there for a full half day.  Of course, thanks to our regular members who always come through.  We have scheduled 5 homeowners so far for last Chipper Day on 5/17.    A request was made to pay Jason Kirkpatrick $50 for operating machine all day on the 3rd.  The request was approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Donna reported an April ending balance of $3849.03.  Outstanding bills for May will be for Chipper rentals, state license and Jason.We were told by Peninsula Credit Union we needed to file for a WA State business license. We did that. Cost was $19.00.

Re-Cap on Address Marker program:  We only have 14 left and 7 of those are ordered.  We will have a couple to place for Fire Dept.  Discussed what we want to do with driver and left-over numbers.  Decided we would first see if Fire Dept. wishes to purchase driver to continue program.  We would give them numbers.  Lloyd Mott is also interested, so we might discuss with him if Fire Dept. declines.  It is an obvious need because finding properties at Lake Cushman at night can be very difficult at night for Dept.

Report on Ice Cream Social:  We have reserved the Gazebo in Division1 with a $50 fee and $50 refundable cleaning deposit for August 9th .  We have also booked the bluegrass trio of Me and the Boys for $300.00  We will serve free Olympic Mtn. Ice Cream.  Last year we were able to purchase at $15 per container.  We probably will need at least 6 containers.  Other supplies could total $50. We will need a temporary food permit from the Co, which will cost about $44.00. DNR will be present and our Fire Dept.  We will borrow a house “on fire” from Dist 5 for the children to see.  There will also be other demos and lots of information.  Hope to have a really big crowd this year and we’ll be having as much publicity as possible.  The Fire Auxiliary will sell hot dog, sodas and chips.  They will hopefully help with food permit cost.

There is a grant opportunity for us coming up in September.  Evelyn Larson (a grant writer and resident) has agreed to help us with that.  Willy indicated he has seen a number of grants available that are underwritten 100%.  George mentioned PUD 3 might also have a program to help us.  We need to make limbing up our roads and cleaning greenbelts a priority, but do not have budget to do on our own.

Bill has been working on Evacuation Plan and he and Joe will get together to discuss ways to complete.  Lois agreed to take pictures of all our Lake Cushman entrances.  We also talked about access on Tribal property in an emergency.  Willy indicated that the Fire Dept will be given keys to all their gates.  Willy also reported that Forest Rd 24 is in great shape, with good access between the 24 and 25 roads (Hamma Hamma).  Price Lake rd is also passable.  We discussed signage on the streets to point evac route.  Possible access through Tim Sheldon’s property if road is in good enough shape and it was properly marked.

Deanie asked if people wanted to purchase Firewise shirts $(6.85)& hats ($10.50).Please make your request by 5/21.  We will buy a few extra shirts and hats for later use.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Deanie Sostrich, Secretary


Firewise Meeting Minutes
Apr 1, 2014

Meeting opened at 1:30 pm by Pres., Bill Sostrich.  Attending were Ken Weaver, Joe Cochran, Bob Berger, Alice Downs, Bert Downs, Lois Jerden, Donna Hellyer, George Fisher, Bill Sostrich and Deanie Sostrich

Treasurer, Donna Hellyer reported we have a March ending balance of $3363.50 with $138.94 earmarked for LED expense,s should they occur.  We have closed our account at Columbia Bank as they began charging $9.00 per month in fees.  In order to stay at that bank without incurring fees,  we would have to maintain a savaings account of at least $400. and a checking account of minimum $500.00.  We have transferred our account to Penninsula Credit Union on Railroad Ave., in  Shelton.  There are no fees associated with the account accept we must have have a savings account of at least $5.00.

Bill reported he and Ken Weaver installed 4 address markers.  They have another 4 to do when time and weather permit.  We are closing out program and markers are being sold for 2 for $30.00.  That message is on our LED sign.

Discussion with group followed about upcoming Chipper Days.  First day will be Saturday, May 3rd and the second will be Saturday, May 17th.  Ken attended the LCMC board meeting and they agreed to donate $300 to our projects. Ken pointed out to the board we have many residents who don’t have a way to take their limbs down to the Stump Dump.  Ken also pointed out that there will be more and more restrictions on open burning in future and at some no burning will be allowed. 

We will rent a chipper from Lew Rents West in Olympia for $155 per day and be able to keep until Sunday A.M.  They carry a 6” self-feeding chipper.  We will limit the number of houses (piles of debris) we chip in order to make the task less tiring for our volunteer crews.  Chipper Days will be publicized with all our Lake Cushman organizations and on line. We will also have flyers out.  We will make a strong suggested donation of $20 per pick-up load.  Sign-ups will be first come, first serve. 

Russ Sage has scheduled the Stump Dump to be open Memorial weekend all three days.  Some of our members are planning to help with that event.

Bill suggested that we work with LCMC in future to coordinate chipping by acting as the management of project and the LCMC maintenance crew could then use their chipper during the week for residents we have scheduled.  We could be using the opportunity to educate people about firewise properties and perform assessments.

Lois Jerden writes a column for the Journal and has submitted an article about our Address Marker program. 

Bill has submitted an article for the upcoming LCMC Newsletter including the write-up we received in the national newsletter.

Wayne Snowey has been involved with the forest, county and tribe about various issues.  He will meet with the Skokomish Tribal leaders.  The Tribe has been doing a thinning project across from Skokomish Park and it looks really good.  We can hopefully coordinate with them concerning wildfire issues in the near future.

Our Ice Cream Social will be Saturday August 9th.  It will be held at Division One Park.  We cannot use Kokanee, based on the lack of parking and construction.  After talking with Julie at LCMC office this seems the best option.  This year we have to pay a $100.00 deposit to use the Gazebo.  $50.00 is refundable.  LCMC Board has raised fees.  We still hope to have entertainment at our event, but have to ask Randy (LCMC Mainteanac) for approval.  Lois provided Deanie with a list of possibilities for music.  We hope to once again have several agencies represented and an opportunity with a big crowd to give out lots of information.  Alice will make a series of “burma-shave” style signs and we intend to have plenty of advance publicity.  Fire Auxiliary will sell hot dog lunch.

Ken pointed out again how important it is to complete the Disaster Plan for distribution to agencies concerned.  Bill indicated that most of information is available on line , but will take a good deal of work to create a complete “book”.  It would be really helpful if we had someone with time to extract and assemble all the pertinent information; along with the neighborhood assessments already completed.  It was also suggested that LCMC should consider permanent evacuation route signs (as is done for Tsunami Warning routes.

Meeting adjourned at 2:40 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Deanie Sostrich, Secretary

Firewise Meeting Minutes
Mar 11, 2014

Meeting began at 1:30

Present:  George Fisher, Bert Downs, Alice Downs, Bob Berger, Ken Weaver, Donna Hellyer, Deanie Sostrich and Bill Sostrich

Treasurer’s report:

February beginning balance of $3372.50 and ending balance off $3363.50.  Columbia Bank charged a $9.00 service charge for our account.  Donna will talk to them and if they don’t reinstate the “free act.”,  we will move our account to a credit union or another bank.  The 2013 Audit was completed by George and balanced.

Ken & Bill talked about address markers.  We have over 30 remaining.  Two have been donated to the Fire Dept.  We need a list from them to know where the Dept wished to have them installed.  Bill will publicize the address markers in the upcoming LCMC newsletter and on our sign.

We did not win the recent grant opportunity.  Closest winner was in Wenatchee.  Another grant possible for $500 associated with Wildfire Preparedness Day on May 3rd.  We will host our first Community Chipper Day on that day.  We will talk to Ken MacIntosh to see if we can use LCMC chipper with assistance from their crew.  George suggested we hold another Chipper Day no later than first weekend in June.  Questions to be resolved:  How do we get enough help?  What limits do we put on households (needs to less per day than last year)?  We must resolve all issues by our next meeting on April1st.  Chipper Days must be publicized at all community meetings and on sign prior.

The Newsletter publicized a letter about us.  It was based on our Annual Report to the organization.  Bill will use that in LCMC newsletter also.

Bill mentioned the Blockwatch request to put security camera on our sign.  We have had a number of burgleries in Lake Cushman and they need a better way to capture license plates to make our area safer.  They (Blockwatch) have details to work out and it may not be permissable to place on our sign as it would face a public highway.  We will wait for more input from that group.

We discussed the Ice Cream Social to be held August 9th.  It was decided our first choice location would be Div. 9 Park assuming the parking issues are resolved.  Fire Auxiliary will sell Hot dogs, chips and soda.  We want to make sure Fire Dept, Firefighters Association, DNR are all involved.  We intend to have live entertainment.  Deanie will work with Lois Jerden to secure a band.  We had decided at meeting 11/2012 that we would spend up to $500.00 for all Social expenses and ask for donations at the time.

What are some ideas for fundraising so we can expand our educational efforts?  Ken mentioned Simpson lumber is closing.  It was suggested that since logs are very pricy now we might work an arrangement to have common areas thinned  as loggers are interested and more willing now to do thinning only.  Needs to be brought up to LCMC Board.

It was mentioned we must complete the Disaster Plan (that has been in the works for several years.  It would be a way forward with LCMC to contribute moneyt and help to Firewise probjects.

Adjourned: 2:40 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Deanie Sostrich, Secy.