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Firewise Meetings Minutes
Nov 1, 2017

Meeting began at 1:30 p.m
Financial Report:
          Sept 31st Ending Balance - $9567.15
           Oct Deposit Donation - $20

           Oct 31 Ending Balance - $9587.15
Sub Accounts:: No change since last month 

In attendance: Bob Berger, Carl Parker, Anita Floyd, Ken Weaver, Joe Cochran & Bill Sostrich

Old Business: Bill reported he and Jerry Eaton had met with Randy Bruff regarding fuel treatments prescribed by Mitch Redfern and Dave Hauk (Forester). The project is along the roadways in the Div 10, 12 and 16 area. Randy had felt that the project would require the use of equipment as there would be a lot of debris removed.

A discussion followed and due to the funds available (only monies from DEM, $10,000 and Firewise funds, $1500) we did not see how we might do a project using mechanical means.

Bill has been in touch with Sargent Shrock with Cedar Creek Corrections Center. They might be able to help us with a thinning and removal of trees less than 4”. The cost is $2/hr/inmate (plus L&I and transport). We will continue looking at how this might work within the budget and the type of project we might complete.

One possible method we discussed in using the corrections center would be completed as follows: Property lines along the perimeter of the lots that adjoin the greenbelt running along the roads in the area would first be marked. Trees to be removed would also be marked. The corrections center would cut the marked trees and pile the cuttings into fire wood size. Community members would be allowed to pick up (no cutting) of the firewood along the roadway. Also corrections center would stack the limbs into piles along the roadway. At that time, Firewise volunteers could rent the chipper and come along and chip the piles. All areas would be cleaned of remaining fuel.

The next order of business was the address marker program. Several years ago, Firewise purchased and installed some 250 yellow markers in the community to aid the Fire Department and other emergency personnel in finding people during an emergency situation. That program ended in Apr of 2014.

We were asked by the LCMC Office and the Fire Commissioners to revisit starting the program again. Bill did reach out to Hansen Supply (where we got the last markers) and received the following quote:
66” Dual-Flex Stakes - $17.85 EA - $357.00/Pack of 20 (Sold in packs of 20)
Anchor installed is an additional $2.50/per stake
Reflective Numbers (25 Pack) – 5000-Series - $29.90 EA
High Intensity Reflective Strips - 3” x 12” - $2.75 EA

We discussed the quote and how the project would be accomplished. The investment would be something around $500 to start the project. Firewise still has a few of the reflective strips and just a very few of the numbers from the previous project. Using the numbers above, the cost of one address marker, one sided with 3 numbers in the address would cost Firewise right at $27. In the past we asked for a donation of the marker, installed for $30.

Joe reJoe reported that it is possible that someone in the community could help us by supplying the numbers to reduce cost. A number of things were discussed and Bill indicated an article has been put in the LCMC Newsletter to see if there might be an interest in the markers. It was decided that we should first see how that goes before committing to ordering the markers.

There was a discussion regarding the passing of our long time friend and Firewise member, George Fisher. In his memory we voted to donate $50 to Fire District 18.

There will be not a Firewise meeting in Dec or"auto-style3"> Meeting ended at 2:45pm

Firewise Meetings Minutes
Oct 4, 2017

Meeting began at 1:30 p.m

Lake Cushman Fire District 18 Community Room

Attending: Ken Weaver, Jerry Eaton, Bob Berger, Deanie Sostrich, Jim Crawford, Joe Cochran, Carl Parker, Betty Widing, Anita Floyd and Bill Sostrich

Financial Report:
                 Ending Balance August 31 was $9578.29.
                           September 30 was $9707.15.
 Sub accounts (included in balance); Emergency Preparedness - $577.00, LED Sign - $138.94, Savings - $5.00
August Ice Cream Social -all supplies and raffles covered by donations with $18 ahead. September Chipper Day we received $169.00 in donations. Fire Dept. paid for chipper rental and we had expenses of $40.14 for fuel.

Agenda for meeting centered around a recap of projects we have completed in 2017 and priorities going forward to 2018.

Reviewed also was use of Stump Dump. It appears that the LCMC hasn't burned in a couple of years. Permits are very expensive and restrict rules on managing a burn of that size. Discussion on alternatives with chipping (Firewise assistance). Also using Carl Parker's assistance with chain saw to work on material people bring. Wouldn't be a solution for existing material. Note: Stump Dump is a misnomer as “stumps” are not accepted.

It was suggested for Ice Cream Social in 2018 that we might want to move to Sunday. There is always a competing event on summer Saturdays.

Bill presented the Fuel Reduction plan given us by Mitch Redfern and Dave Houk of Grays Harbor Conservation District. We have $10,000 available from DEM to work on our areas of concern and this plan would seem to be a good start for a targeted greenbelt where the forest is unhealthy. There should also be some funds budgeted by LCMC. Firewise could also contribute monies toward the project. Some of our questions were about erosion , slopes and root rot. Bill will pursue recommendations from Mitch and Dave about who could accomplish work. Dave told us that the best time is during the winter months. Bill will report back at November meeting. We will request that Randy Bruff be at that meeting.

Great Washington Shake out on October 19th. Statewide event for all non-profits to communicate earthquake preparedness information. Our Fire Dept. is working on Lake Cushman community drills to promote all kinds of preparedness.

We would like to have a winter “Groups” get together. To include Fire Dept., CERT , Block Watch, Firewise, Security, Community Connections and LCMC. A potluck and info sharing seems to be the best vehicle for this. More information to follow.

Last topic was requests to restart Address Marker program. The sticks and reflective addresses have gone up in price, but still possible if we sell at our cost to community. Joe said he has a source to get the numbers considerable cheaper than ordering from former company. Betty pointed out that Mason Co. requires house number for every dwelling. Bill will survey in Newsletter for interest by homeowners.

Next Meeting will be on November 1st. No meetings in December and January.

Adjourned at 3:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, Deanie Sostrich, Secretary

Firewise Meetings July - Sept

We took some time off as several Officers were gone this summer.  A meeting was held in July to discuss plans for the Ice Cream Social. 

Firewise Meeting Minutes
June 7, 2017

Meeting began at 1:35 p.m.

Attending were:George Fisher, Ken Weave, Joe Cochran, Betty Widing, Bill Sostrich, Deanie Sostrich, guest Mary Bjustrom and from Mason Conservation District - Mitch Redfern

Bill introduced Mary and gave a brief overview of our purpose and history.

Treasurers report was distributed to group showing and ending balance for May of $7,298.02.

Bill started by giving example of observations while chipping at end of May. Trees in Div. 1 ; down with no roots with more damage and down trees as further proof of root rot and/or beetle disease.

Mitch, Bill and Dave, the Forester for County of Grays Harbor drove and walked our area last month. Mitch and Dave will return June 22nd for a more in-depth inspection. Main problem seen is our forests are way too dense with many small trees. A lot of thinning, brushing and limbing up will be needed. None of those efforts should require a permit from Mason County. The intention is to develop a plan for every section. It will be a working document for us to use in managing our greenbelts going forward. We have 3-4 types of forest and Dave will write a prescription for each type. The plans developed by Mitch and Dave is budgeted by Mason County Conservation District and Dept. of Natural Resources.

Another item of business is the $1500 grant we have from Firewise. We will receive that award by submitting matching funds in the amount of over $3000 equivalent in Volunteer Work Sheets collected at the Stump Dump a few days ago. We hope to add some dollars from D.E.M. $5,000 to create a future project in late fall to begin our work. Potentially we would do that project in Div. 9 unless Mitch and Dave find a more urgent area that needs attention.

A note of information: Randy has told us the Stump Dump will no longer take stumps as they take to long to burn (sounds like we better have a new name). Ken stated that pick up and disposal of stumps is very expensive.  There is the place in Shelton that will take stumps and the fiber place on Hwy 3 definitely has equipment to deal with stumps. Ken also mentioned that we have valuable timber in the way of alder for chips and some curly maple that have to be removed for various reasons. We would need a way to connect with businesses interested in those materials.

Bill recapped our Chipper Days on 5/30 and 5/31. The crew chipped at 26 properties. We had some mechanical problems with chipper that slowed the process. When we returned it to Lew Rents West in Olympia they only charged for one day. Some of the properties had very small piles, a few were very large. Had a very good crew who worked really hard. Without soliciting we received a number of generous donations. Several people gave us $50 or $100. Donations totaled $725.00 with $45 of that received at Stump Dump on June 3 and 4. The only disappointing thing was having to turn away so many people who wanted to sign up after our lists were full. Full time crews could be kept busy for many days to really meet the demand.

Joe Cochran invited everyone to attend a Fire Dept drill on June 27 at 6pm. Hope to have some fire extinguisher work. “Community” drills will hopefully continue periodically in the future.

We discussed the upcoming Ice Cream Social on August 19th at Kokanee Park. Joe will head up those plans with Betty's and others assistance. Lists of whats needed and procedures were turned over to Joe. Betty has arranged for a hatchery tour. Contacts have been made with band providing entertainment and with Olympic Mountain Ice Cream. We have two raffle prizes ( a bow saw and set of loppers) and need a few more. We usually give away 1/12 gal ice cream and Ila's has provided a basket. Lois has given us a basket of Scentsy products. And others who have generously donated in the past. We will have flyers for all the boxes and publicity on the sign. There will be an Auxiliary table with hot dogs, chips and soda, an ice cream table, Firewise Information table and Emergency Preparedness information.

Next meeting will be July 5th at 1:30 p.m. At Fire Dept. Community room.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m. Deanie Sostrich, Secretary

Firewise Meeting Minutes
May 3, 2017

 Meeting held at the Community Room at Fire Station 18

Called to order at 1:30 P.M.

Attending were: Joe Cochran, Lois Casto, Bob Berger, Patsy Schulz, Jim Crawford, Betty Widing, George Fisher, Deanie Sostrich and Bill Sostrich

Jim Crawford , Treasurer, gave the financial report and we discussed the bank account at Peninsula Credit Union. Still need signature of one officer.

Balance ending April 30th: $6869.94 (with sub categories of : Emergency preparedness $577.00, LED sign $138.94)

Old Business Re-cap and final discussion of the Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on May 6th. From 1-3 P.M.

Room will be available to us early. Volunteers will be arriving between 10 a.m. And noon to set up. Patsy has made arrangements to have tables for 13 different groups and agencies to provide information on a variety of topics such as emergencies, safety, fire, medical services, CERT, radio communications, Firewise and more.

Anita has made signs for each group and also name tags for representatives.

Joe Cochran, with our Fire Dept. will have a “flow” chart of Chain of Command for emergency responses.

Our panel discussion at 1:30 P.M. will be moderated by Bert Downs with participants from Fire Dept., Personal Preparedness, Dept. of Emergency Management and Red Cross.

Attendees will have plenty of time to check out all the tables and gather a lot of helpful materials. Dist. 18 Auxiliary is providing refreshments. We have great door prizes: including and Electric Pole Saw, NOAA radios, first aid kits, Ila's basket, Go Buckets and more.

New Business
Our Firewise Council has been awarded a $1500 grant from DNR with help from Mitch Redfern. This project has to be completed by June 20th. Bill is meeting May 17th with a forester from Gray's Harbor who Mitch recommended. The final goal is to come up with a plan to finally start making some headway on our very overgrown areas. Initial meeting will be to discuss how we will finance the work with the Forester. As for the grant, we must provide matching funds which can be in labor from volunteers or a cash match. We will have to move on this quickly since at this point we don't have a “shovel ready” project.

Chipper Days will be May 30 and 31st. We will be taking sign-ups at the event Saturday and also at Booster Club. Announcements next week on sign and in boxes. We need people to help. Please ask around to your neighbors.

Our upcoming Stump Dump on June 3 and June 4 is a good possibility as lots of community labor is involved. Jim Crawford suggested that at some point after we might provide an actual hauling of large stumps. We might rent Lloyd Mott's tractor and trailer.

Ice Cream Social August 19th Kokanee Park in Division 9.
Deanie reported: Since Bill and Deanie will not be back home until right before event we need a few people to coordinate the advance preparations. We have reserved a large band called the Windjammers out of Belfair for entertainment. They play at many different venues and will not charge our group. I did tell the director we would see they got gas cards to cover that cost and lots of hot dogs and ice cream. I have contacted Bev at Olympic Mtn. Ice Cream for our order of 7 1/12 gal. of ice cream. This year we will include one bucket of sorbet. Betty Widing will help us out by contacting Tacoma Power to see if we can offer a tour of the dam and to also verify our use of the big parking lot. Much more discussion and information to follow at June 7th Firewise meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Firewise Meeting Minutes
Apr 5, 2017

Meeting began at 1:30 p.m. Lake Cushman Community Room at Fire Station Dist 18.

 Attending were: Carl Parker, Patsy Schulz, Jim Crawford, George Fisher, Bob Berger, Joe Cochran, Nan McGuire, Ann-Claire Soula, Tom McGuire, Colleen Morrison, Deanie Sostrich, Bill Sostrich, and
Mitch Redfern (from the Mason County Conservation District).

Bill announced we received a $500 award toward our upcoming May 6th, Wildfire and Emergency Preparedness Fair and for our Chipper days after Memorial Weekend.

For the benefit of our guests, Bill gave a slide overview of our area. Maps showed streets, lots, greenbelts and elevation lines.

Mitch informed us the Conservation District has some funds for Firewise groups and habitat restoration efforts. He said it could be a resource for some of our goals (in particular greenbelts and trees and underbrush along our roads).

Bill summarized what Firewise tries to accomplish in our area. We are focused on education, communication and programs like Chipper Days, home assessments, clean-up and limb up projects, stump dump, evacuation maps and informative brochures. We maintain our membership in the National Firewise organization with more than ½ dozen events yearly and on-going efforts tracking homeowner hours spent on fuel reduction. We also have a yearly Ice Cream Social with entertainment in the summer and just had a well-attended potluck get together for all our service groups at Lake Cushman.

We hold an Community Education Wildfire and Emergency Preparedness Day in May with a forum and participation of representatives from state and local agencies. There will be at least 12 tables with information from local groups.

We discussed the role we need the Lake Cushman Maintenance Company to play in reducing fire danger by working on cleaning up our many greenbelt areas. Also the responsibilities of homeowners to keep their own property maintained.

Mitch went on to say that historically fire suppression has led to disease in forests and millions of acres of standing dead trees. Plus drought has resulted in a very dangerous wildfire environment. Therefore, healthy cleaned up forests is the goal.

Mitch indicated that Mason County Conservation District works with a forester in Gig Harbor who could perhaps assist us in creating rather quickly a plan for our areas, that could be paid for by Mason County Extension. In that way, we would be ready when grant opportunities present themselves.

George talked about the importance of a clear explanation of our needs and goals in getting the support not only of LCMC, but helping us to be successful in grant applications.

Mitch said we should pick projects that are high risk for fire and also "doable" . Then when a grant is available do more extensive work in larger areas. Continue to press everyone to have defensible space around his/her home. He will try to schedule follow-up for next month.

The Treasurer, Jim Crawford reported no change in our finances for March. We have a balance of $6848.98. We will need two $50 checks to reserve Gazebo on August 19th for Division 9 Park. We have not received check for $500 grant yet.

We discussed the May 6th event. Emergency Preparedness group has Go Buckets and First Aid Kits for door prizes. Bill recommended purchasing an electric pole saw for Firewise to give away. George Fisher made motion to purchase the electric pole saw from Harbor Freight for $80 All agreed.

DEM has two emergency radios and several other prizes. We are not certain who will be on the discussion panel yet. Our goal is three or four individuals. We intend to send a letter requesting one of the Fire Commissions participate. Ross McDowell will be on panel. We want a CERT representative and a Security rep to join us. Bill will contact DNR. Bill has not been able to talk with our new Sheriff's Deputy,

Bill will talk about Firewise at Potluck on 4/6. Carl Parker will distribute our Newsletter article at upcoming Booster Club meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m. Submitted, Deanie Sostrich, Secretary

Firewise Meeting Minutes
Mar 1, 2017

Meeting began at 1:30 p.m. at the District 18 Fire Dept. Community Room.

Attending were Ken Weaver, Jim Crawford, Joe Cochran, Bob Berger, George Fisher, Patsy Schulz, Anita Floyd, Bill Sostrich and Deanie Sostrich.

Acting Treasurer (Deanie Sostrich)reported an amended (including $10 expense) January balance of $6818.98 and an ending balance for February of $6848.98. Sub-account for Emergency Preparedness Committee remains at $577.00 and for LED Sign maintenance remains at $138.94.

Old Business: Bill reported the closing date for the NFPA $500.00 grant application and voting is March 3rd. There are approximately 420 applicants. Our application has received around 760 votes.

Donna Hellyer our Treasurer has resigned due to poor health. By voice approval Jim Crawford will take over that position beginning this month. He and Bill (president) will make the necessary changes with Peninsula Credit Union.

Discussion followed about upcoming Community Groups potluck on April 6, 2017. We have invited Community Connections, Booster Club, Block Watch, Fire Auxiliary, Dist 18 Fire Dept., Security, Firewise and Emergency Preparedness members. This is a get-acquainted casual get together. Knowing our neighbors is very important when an emergency arises. We want to build closer relationships with people who will be responding when needs arise. Potluck will be held at 6 p.m. Bring a dish to share and your dinnerware. We will provide decaf and regular coffee. We discussed making sure all groups are informed and reminded of event. Anita will make sure posted on the Lake Cushman Homeowners Facebook page. Bill will post on forum, LCMC Calendar and LED sign. We will also have flyers for our community boxes. We'll encourage everyone wear name tags. Time to enjoy making new friends.

Our next discussion was of our May 6th, Community Wildfire Disaster Preparedness Day. We will make sure it is well publicized with all agencies and groups providing information and hand-outs. Our discussion panel will be chaired by Bert Downs. Ken stated that our emphasis this year should by on responding to the emergency by being ready to be on our own for a certain period of time until agencies are able to reach our area. In other words, all of us have an obligation to first take care of our families, then neighbors by sheltering in place. Dept. of Emergency Management would be authority with Sheriff and then Fire Dept. coordinating and responding under that agencies direction. Everyone needs are food – water – shelter. Bill re-eterated the need for the Emergency Preparedness group to keep both possiblities in my, Shelter in Place and also Emergency Evacuations when preparing an Emergency Responce Plan.

CERT training will be first two weekends in June. There has been a real interest from community. Those people trained in this program will be an integral part of response to emergencies. It was suggested we look at the National Emergency Response web site for the template/ plan that all agencies use. Patsy stated how import it is that we have a wall chart for May 6th that shows how each group "fits" during an emergency. Our Fire Station will be the "central command" and communication center. People will be needed to "man" it during and incident with dispatch, food, shelter, water and medical aid.

Meeting ending at 2:50 P.M. Deanie Sosrich, Secretary

Firewise Meeting Minutes
Feb 7, 2017

Minutes of the February 7, 2017 Meeting Meeting called to order at 1:30 p.m. at the Fire Dist 18 Community Room

Attending were: Ken Weaver, Patsy Schulz, Bob Berger, Joe Cochran, Bill & Deanie Sostrich and Mike Sexton

Financial Reports submitted by acting Treasurer. At the end of 2016 we had a balance of $6828.98 in the Firewise checking account with Peninsula Credit Union in Shelton. Our balance as of January 31, 2017 was $6828.98. This included $577.00 in the sub account for the Emergency Preparedness Committee and $138.94 in the LED sub-account. Balance for main Firewise account is $6114.04.

At the end of 2016 Lake Cushman Booster Club made a donation of $500.00 toward emergency preparedness. We sent a Thank You note to the club.

Old Business: Bill submitted the Annual Report, State Excise Tax, State Non-Profit and IRS 990-N.

New Business: Bill, Pres. Reported on the submission for $500 grant from State Farm for Wildfire Preparedness Day. Please vote on line for our projects submitted. You may vote every day. Might be confusing because Bill’s name is on application (required) by application rules. Go to the Firewise website or Lake Cushman Facebook pages for link to vote.

Patsy reported on the January meeting of emergency preparedness committee (full minutes are shown below). They discussed the CERT training for Spring 2017 and ways to get even more people involved. It is extremely important for as many people to be involved as possible.

Discussion followed re: the May 6th Emergency Preparedness Event. It was decided the panel discussion so far ideally should include DEM (Ross McDowell), Fire Dept(Mike Sexton), Red Cross Representative and Security (Betty Woodall). Bert Downs has agreed to moderate

Information booths might include: DNR, Master Gardener, Alex with Home preparedness, Auxiliary, Booster Club, Community Connections, Block Watch, Ham Radios and Panel participants. Many more details and assignments to be worked out at next meeting in April.

We discussed the types of information it is important to share with the community at the event. We need flyers, door prizes ($100+), flow chart of operations in emergency, contacts . Auxiliary will provide refreshments Mike Sexton (acting fire chief) reserved the Community Room for May 6th all day and for a pre-get together of our local groups on Thursday, April 6th at 6 p.m. This will be a potluck and get-to-know each other social .

Emergency Preparedness committee will be working on Firewise Disaster Plan this year. Ken talked about when a disaster occurs the response by the Fire Dept and coordination between DEM, Sherrif and possibly Tacoma is crucial. Events require continuous response and evaluation of needs. Neighbor to neighbor is extremely important. Block Watch maps can be a good resource. It was suggested a Drill among agencies for our area be conducted. Once “the plan” is complete it will be invaluable for responders.

Bill announced Chipper Days on May 30 & 31. Renal of Chipper from Lew West Rental is the main cost at around $180 per day.

We discussed the August Ice Cream Social. We will again hold at Div. 9 Park. Probably the 3rd Sat. (Aug19th). We are hoping to again offer tour of the dam. We will have entertainment and possible the burning building demo that Mike thought he could arrange. We hope Auxiliary will again serve hot dogs and of course Firewise will have free ice cream.

Another Chipper day is tentatively scheduled for September 5th.

Collected membership dues from Joe, Bob, Ken, Patsy, Bill and Deanie.

Firewise meeting will change to first Wednesday of each month. Time and location the same. Meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Deanie Sostrich, Secretary

Emergency Preparedness Minutes
Jan 11, 2017

Meeting called to order at: 1:30pm

In Attendance: Anita Floyd Patsy Schulz Sonja Cousins Sue Creed Dawn Kladerman

Anita greeted those in attendance and distributed agenda for meeting as well as two prep lists: "Before Snowstorms and Extreme Cold" & "During Snowstorms and Extreme Cold."

Our main discussion points were
           1) how to disseminate information
          2) past and future Emergency Fairs
          3)E-Prep Committee accepted as (autonomous) subcommittee of Firewise.
          4)C.E.R.T. training and increased participation
          5) delegation of tasks in preparation for May 6 Fair, hosted by Firewise and this committee.
          6). Misc.
1). The availability of concise emergency plan documents was discussed. Patsy described the various flyers and pamphlets available at no cost from Ross McDowell @ Mason County Division of Emergency Management. We agreed one in particular has great information all in one place incl. the "HELP" and "OK" signs that can be posted and list of important telephone numbers. We included these in the Go Buckets at last years E-Fair.

2). Go Bucket contents, panel discussion and success of last May's Fair were covered. We decided on May 6th, with the actual time being negotiated still, for this year's event in conjunction with Firewise. Bill Sostrich has submitted the grant request (contest) to the National committee for potential funding. Voting online will commence soon. Dollars are shared between Firewise chipper days and Emergency Fair. We are counting on another panel discussion like last year and would like representatives from Firewise, Landscaping, Macecom, Ross, C.E.R.T. and Forest Management/DNR, Dist 18 Fire, Red Cross. Fire Auxiallary to host light refreshments. Bert Downs acted as moderator and impressive job, we would like him to host the panel again.
3). As of Nov 16 Firewise meeting, our committee is an official line item subcommittee. Firewise has also assumed the responsibility for pursuing the emergency communications piece, so that is off our subcommittee table.
4) C.E.R.T. training and promotion: Everyone that has participated has found great value in the training. We discussed how we can involve more community members in the training. Henry Cervantes has been point of contact in past. We would like representation (at least a booth, if not speaker) at E-Fair. Email:
5). Balance of meeting discussing preparation for the Fair and delegation of volunteers for various duties. Anita took on contacting Ross, Henry, initial contact with Red Cross, Fire Dept. Patsy will contact Firewise participants and Alex @ Boy Scouts (Grandson) who spoke on panel and had go bucket booth last year.

Sonja will head up a hospitality/refreshments with Fire Auxiliary. Dawn will contact Blockwatch to host a booth and invite Mason Co. Deputy assigned to our area. Once Anita locates Red Cross point of contact, Dawn will pursue their participation. They were willing last year but conflict on date.

6)Misc: Patsy to send Get Well card to Ross, who is currently on leave. Anita to contact Carlos Garcia, Blockwatch Manager, regarding division maps that division reps prepare each year for LCMC use (these detail fulltime, snowbird, weekenders and any special needs in event of disaster/evacuation).

Meeting adjourned approximately 3pm with next meeting set for Wednesday, February 8th @ 1:30pm Deanie Sostrich Secretary